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Friday, March 09, 2007

Yeah I'm Special, I Realize That

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change

Since March Madness has started to begin I wanted to point out one of the most underrated aspects to college basketball: The courts. I have always secretly been a fan of the different basketball courts around the country. I think it’s because I tend to like shiney things and the floors at these courts are always so buffed up and they look so cool. Therefore I thought I would add my thoughts on some cool courts and interesting courts.

First and foremost the inspiration to talking about this subject (and probably the killer of it too) is Texas A&M’s Reed Arena. That court is about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I remember watching Sportscenter one day and not even paying attention to the game but that bad-ass court instead. The cross cutting shaded boards along with the huge darker state of Texas for the midcourt makes me want to sit there and simply look at the sheer beauty of the thing. Simply put this court is amazing. I should construct a miniature of this court.

Williams arena: I’ll admit I’m not much of a historian when it comes to basketball or basketball courts so I’m sorry if I end up offending anyone. I understand that Williams Arena is about as hallowed as we have here but I think the court needs to be redone a bit. The gopher dribbling a basketball is cool but not nearly as cool as a huge “M” logo on there. Also the sidelines could definitely use a new font and maybe more gold and not so much yellow.

Allen Field house (Kansas): I’ve always enjoyed looking at this court because I’m a big fan of that particular color of blue. Also that court seems a lot shinier than other courts. The oversized Jayhawk at center court is a bit much though

Target Center: blah boring and not even close to shiny enough. If I do end up watching the Timber wolves (I don’t think I’ve watched a T-wolves game in like 3 years) It’s not because of the court which should count as a major insult.

Oklahoma State: I like how they blend the black with the orange and the slanty like O at center court is really cool. I’m a big fan of giant slanty-like letters.

Florida (just because Steph reads this): Eh, my bias will come out a bit (you know, people with huge southern drawls saying “gators”) It’s alright. I like that color blue and I’ve always thought that orange was very underrated. With that being said the oversized gators logo is kinda stupid but it’s better than Williams arena in terms of court looks and shininess.

The old Phoenix Suns place. I’m talking about the place before America West Arena (or whatever the hell they call it now). I remember this was the reason I rooted for the Suns, because their court was exceptionally shiny. Actually it was as shiny as could be and I loved how the faded purple lane seemed dull but super shiny at the same time. This was probably my favorite basketball court growing up.


The Steph said...

The coolest thing about Florida's court is that it is actually the court they won the championship on last year - so regardless of color, design - that in and of itself is pretty freaking sweet, you have to admit! I think that the instant someone steps onto the floor a giant spotlight should turn on and "We Are The Champions" should come out of invisible speakers. Then when the person steps off...same with light and music. Step on - Come on. Step off - Turn off. Now THAT would be cool.

Orbitron19 said...

Michigan State bought the court that they won the NCAA tournament on a few years ago as well. I think that's cool, but you forgot to mention the colest court in the country--Boise State. they took the blue turf motif to their basketball court as well--it's kind of wild and busy, but you know you're watching Boise State the second you turn it on.