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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Stupid

One night thunder cracked. Mercy backed outside her windowsill.
Dreamed I was flying high above the trees over the hills.
Looked down into the house of Mary.

One of the most interesting aspects of tragedies like in Virginia is how the media acts. On Monday, as the early reports were coming in, I was thinking about how Don Imus must be resting a bit easier knowing that whatever media camp in his front lawn has now headed towards Virginia.

Also in situations like these, the media will basically show nothing short of anal sex in a drastic attempt to grab ratings. I must admit that so far there hasn’t been anything that whore-ish but I have noticed one network trying oh so hard in getting the angle they want.

ESPN is the network and their angle is to worry about the Virginia Tech football team. In fact right now on their front page they have Frank Beamer’s (the VT football coach) opinions on the shootings. I also heard a radio station announce that Virginia Tech football practice had been cancelled due to the shootings…and I’m hearing this in, not North Carolina, or West Virginia, but Minnesota--the land where football isn’t king.


No fucking way. I don’t know about all three of you that read this but the biggest question I’ve had is how this affects Hokie football.

Why does anyone care what Frank Beamer thinks? Why is he interviewed? How does this fit into anything? If something should happen at Ohio State are they going to interview Jim Tressel because way too many people associated OSU with just football? I’m sure they open a book or two there.

Here is a story where someone shot three dozen students and because it’s considered a “football school” we have to hear what the head football coach says and thinks because people invest their life into him. He might as well hold mass on Sunday mornings if he has that much pull.

If something should happens in Michigan I would hope to god that MTV doesn’t suddenly interview Madonna to see what her views on the situation are.

The sad thing about that is there is probably a half million people that were more worried about some hot shot football recruit being a victim instead of someone’s kid. These are the same people that live and die on Saturday mornings because of a football game. Thank god I got to hear Frank Beamer’s view on things because I’ve been dying to hear what he thinks about everything.

Good god.

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