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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Twins Bloggers: In the Flesh

Driving home I see those flooded fields
How can people not know what beauty this is
I've taken it for granted my whole life
Since the day I was born

Any given weekend at my parents place watching the Twins

Luis Castillo’s leading off the game

Dad: I think a home run would be really good right about now
Boof rolls his eyes
Castillo works his way to a walk
Dad: Well, I would’ve really liked to see a home run.
Boof: (sigh) Dad, he’s the leadoff hitter, he’s supposed to just get on base. Plus, he’s not a home run hitter
Dad: oh

Punto comes up
Dad: I think a home run would really be good right about now
Boof: ugh Dad, Punto doesn’t hit homers either.
Dad: yeah but I really think…
Boof: BAH! SHUT UP!!

Silence until Mauer comes up
Boof: Alright here we go. Come on Joe.
Dad: It would really be nice if he could…
Boof turns his head around agitated: Dad, I can’t believe you don’t shut up.

Mom yells from the other room: Did Scott Erickson hit a home run?

This is what it’s like watching a baseball game with annoying people who don’t really watch baseball. You just wish they would be willing to learn about the game or, better yet, ask questions as to why stuff happens.

But when you get a bunch of Twins bloggers together watching the Twins, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Everyone knows baseball, Bill James, who Boof is, and they even create their own stats.

Last Saturday a bunch of whos who of Twins bloggers hung out in Crystal to chat it up and talk baseball. I met some really cool people like Everyday Super Goddess, Howard Sinker, Trevor, Aaron Gleeman, Twins Geek, stick and ball guy, Will Young, and tons of other people.

It was a bit intimidating for me a little bit because I didn’t want to sound like my dad to these hardcore Twins bloggers. I mean Hunter takes the first pitch and the entire Twins blog posse simultaneously went “woah!” I tried really hard not to be shunned by running my mouth too much because after all, I don’t have a “Twins blog” per se but I do try to write about the Twins and I’ve even named it after a A level minor league pitcher back in 2004 (who happens to be the #2 starter right now).
So I tried really hard not be stupid.

Here’s some tidbits that I learned though

-Everydaysupergoddess was in the movie Major League. She probably was that red blur when the catcher comes up to the mound to talk to the pitcher.

-Stick and Ball guy’s grandparents lived 10 miles away from Jon Olerud’s grandparents…I think.

-Aaron Gleeman doesn’t have much moved in his new place yet. Sounds like just a tv and some furniture. (that’s all you really need)

-Will Young is a guy any male baseball fan could be proud of. After having a good conversation with him, I found out that his girlfriend can name 23 of the 25 Twins on the current roster. My jaw absolutely dropped. Then he announces that she bought a Morneau jersey a couple years ago when he wasn’t even popular. All this with his gf not even caring about baseball when he met her.

-Howard Sinker covered the Twins from 1984-87 (?) and when I heard this I had a plethora of questions coming to mind but all that would’ve come out would be,
“Hey uh remember when uh…when uh Hrbek got that home run and it went over the wall in right field? That was awesome!”
“Hey uh, did you ever go to…uh Tiger’s stadium? I bet that was cool.”

Because I really would’ve sounded like an idiot. I mean I didn’t really follow the Twins until about ‘90.

-Twins Geek got us free issues of Gameday which is the best *the absolute best* program one could find for any sporting event. It’s only a $1.50 outside of the dome. Plus he’s the reason why I got to see Wrigley field back in ‘03. Plus, plus: he’s the reason why I had about 20 people yelling out “TWINS GEEK TOM!” when I was running the marathon back in ‘03.

-My claim to fame was how I ate 5 triple cheeseburgers in one sitting. It was the most amount of food I ever ate.

I never got a chance to say that juicy tidbit but I was ready to bust it out at any given moment.

Despite the get together being way the hell out in Crystal (Crystal?), it was well worth the drive and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone again.


Corey Ettinger said...

It sure seems like you have a blog. BTW, my name is Corey Ettinger... you may have inferred that though since my name appears with my post.... yeah... anyways I run MNSG and I just found your blog tonight but I really enjoy it. I also happened to be at the get together. You may know me as, "that guy who belligerently knocked over his chair when Punto struck out on a pitch down Broadway." Anyways, I'd really love it if you would shoot me an e-mail at Perhaps you'ld even like to go to the game tomorrow night with me.

Howard said...


Five triple cheeseburgers? I ate two cheeseburgers at Tiger Stadium once. It was one of the best press boxes from which to watch a game because it was at the top of the stadium and almost right over home plate. Also, the woman who ran the press box grille made an amazing peanut butter malt.

Glad you were there Saturday. You write good.

Best, Howard

Aliecat said...

Now all you have to do is come to the chatterbox sometime...

EverydaySuperGoddess/TwinsGoddess said...

"So I tried really hard not be stupid." Hah!

I admit, I did a quick read-through of "Baseball for Dummies" before attending that little gathering, for exactly the same reason.

No worries, though. No stupidity detected.