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Friday, April 20, 2007

Worthless Bits

'Cause I'm drinking for the pleasure of falling
and I'm falling for the pleasure of pretending
that you're sitting by the window waiting
for me to come calling.

-As much as I hear people’s comments about the Twins in April, I almost wish the first month of games was not televised because you have so many people that jump to conclusions.

Bartlett should be sent down to AAA
Maybe they should lock up Ortiz
Castillo’s out and so are the Twins.

Ugh GOD DAMN… do they remember last year at all? Even a little bit? I remember arguing with folks about how the Twins were still in contention when they were ten games out in June.

Hang in there. The bullpen will shore itself, the piranhas will come back, and Lew Ford will find a way to lose games. Just settle the hell down.

-Twins are 16 for 16 in stolen bases. THAT, is an impressive stat.

-I hope ESPN interviews Frank Beamer about what his thoughts on the NBA playoffs are. It would just be an ESPN thing to do.

-The U of M had a bomb threat the other day and it was front page news. I remember back in high school when we had a couple and at SSU where we had a bomb threat every Tuesday for a whole month. I understand the need to announce this as news but it isn’t anything new. Bomb threats got to be so common that we’d get together at the fast food joint one town over because they would shut down Marshall.

Fucking kids.

-Now this guy is fascinated with old school bowlers who wear ties!? I guess that looks kinda cool. I actually debating on taking a day off to have a couple drinks with the guy and show off my Venezuela Santana jersey. It’s not old school but Hog said he’d make love to it.

-Just when I thought it would be fun to sponsor Boof’s page at Some guy named Jeff beat me to it. Dammit. I could go with Luis Rodriguez though.


TwinsGoddess said...

"do they remember last year at all? Even a little bit? "

My sentiments exactly.

Corey Ettinger said...

There is one significant difference between this year and last, and it has a name. Fransisco Liriano.

Boof said...

yeah but Liriano only played about half the year and they still managed to run through August and September without him.