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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sunshine on a shiny ocean
Sunshine on a shiny bay
I opened a tiny shutter and
Sunshine blew me away

-I’ve been really wanting to write more about the Twins but…what do I write about? The team just doesn’t really have much of an identity yet and there’s not much to write about except Ponson’s greasy ass hair and that he looks like a tall midget. Until this team evolves into whatever it’s going to be, I suppose then I’ll start writing about them.

I will say one thing though, Crain sucks.

-Also Tropicana Field (the Devil Rays place) sucks too. I remember thinking before the D-Rays were playing that a dome in St. Petersburg is a bad idea for baseball. I mean how does someone like Selig look at that place and say,
“Yep, you guys should have a baseball franchise” and then six years later look at the metrodome and say,
“Nope, you guys can’t compete and should move.”

I knew it was a bad idea to give Tampa Bay (and Arizona for that matter) that franchise and I was only 14! Selig is like 90.

-I’m debating on switching from regular coke to diet coke. I’ve never been a diet fan just because I’ve just like regular coke so much. But with the calorie counting that I’ve done in the past couple years and all the pop that I drink, drinking a can of zero calorie coke does sound kind of nice. My one hang up on that was drinking all that aspartame and how the long term effects are unknown. I guess I figure that with as popular as diet drinks are, they can’t be that bad. Right?

Also I’m hoping such a change wouldn’t affect me too much because I believe that I drink so much pop because I simply like opening up a can and drinking whatever is inside of it. I actually have been wondering why there isn’t canned water instead of bottled water. I might buy it then.

-Sometimes when I’m feeling a little down, when I need a little pick-me-up I’ll log onto my fantasy football page and look at how my 11-6 record is better than most of the other teams in my league. It’s really sad, I know, but it’s true.

-Spiderman 3 comes out this weekend and I honestly just don’t give a shit.

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babycakes said...

Instead of diet coke, try coke zero. Has that coke flavor without the calories. As for the aspartmene, or whatever it is called, I have been consuming tons of it for years...and I haven't sprouted antlers or another eye.......yet.