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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Bit about Pitching

I wanna see you get up
And see the whites of your eyes
I'm a heatseeker

(Warning: Sugartits, this is baseball related so move on)

Even though nearly everyone is on the disabled list for the Twins and they have about 2 utility infielders playing every game, I’m still keeping the faith. Actually for any fan to lose hope on --what is it--May 24 is kind of a bandwagon/fair-weather douchey thing to do. I mean there is another 115 games left.

Boof, I mean Boof, Boof, Boof is starting to make me look like a genius (and that’s hard to do). I dig watching him pitch because I truly believe he just needs some more experience and then he’ll be a solid number 2 starter. The way he works the count and, oh lord, that curve ball are things that kinda get a little too excited about. I’ll be watching a game and go crazy over a 1-1 inside pitch chest high,


Perhaps I’m a bit too much of a Boof fan but, I mean, come on. Why shouldn’t I be? I’m proud of my Boof jersey and I wish I was there for Boof’s 11K performance last Friday--(actually I had the chance to watch it on tv but I was a bit distracted by more interesting variables).

Then there’s Johan and I pretty much get off on looking at his box scores every 5th day. I’m sorry but it’s like porn especially this page (don't worry, it's work safe) and looking at his 2nd half stats.

Post All Star Game 2004-2007

32-3, 1.78 ERA, .178 Ave against

I need a cigarette.
Then there’s his September/October stats…

8-1, 1.08 ERA, .164 Ave against

And I’m spent. The great thing is the 2nd half of the season hasn’t started yet and Johan may have just started his annual ‘time to kick ass’ ritual a couple days ago with that 13K performance against the Rangers.

AND THEN…think of this,
2008 when they have Johan, Liriano, Boof, Slowey (hey, he’s shown some promise and killer control), Baker (if he does more of what he did last Saturday), Garza (who’s supposed to be a future ace).

I think that could be one hell of a rotation. Obviously Liriano coming back from Tommy John surgery wont allow him to be 100% but if he can do even half of what he accomplished last year I’d be happy.

I suppose we have to wait for this year to unfold first though. If we could only have everyone healthy…and if Punto could start hitting the damn ball.

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The Steph said...

Oh yeah, it's already May, isn't it?