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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Music...bleh

And if your glass heart should crack
And for a second you turn back
Oh no, be strong

November 2003

This was the time that Sarah McLachlan’s new album was supposed to come out. It had been six years --six friggen years--since the ever powerful Surfacing album came out and I craved to hear some new depressing songs on her new album.

Surfacing was very much a dark album in which had themes of disappointment, heartache, and gloom. It’s not the goth album that I’m describing because her “hits” with “Adia”, “Sweet Surrender”, and the popular “Building a Mystery”. The whole album had wonderful lyrics from “I Love You” to the most underrated song, “Witness”. It was great for a rainy day!

I love that album even better than her more critically acclaimed “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” which was equally gloomy and much more raw. A very good album and it includes one of my all time favorite songs in “Elsewhere”.

Anyway in November I bought Afterglow I gave it a good listen. My smile eventually turned into a face that describes someone drinking skunky beer. The usual gloomy depressing songs were now changed into happy and uplifting songs.

What the hell?!

It was like the time I ate the black jellybean in the dark theatre when I was 11. **Oh god that was horrible**

She found her “true love” and had since been “married” and now has a little “joy of her life” and her album is more happy like and… bleh. For the first time ever I wanted to wish some disappointment and gloom on someone which sounds very Twins blogger/the world is going to end-like . I mean I love that depressing stuff because it makes my problem seem like nothing and it’s like that caring figure that is sympathizing with you.

Now they’re all happy and it just doesn’t sound right at all. I mean I know there has to be happy songs out there but I guess they really don’t appeal to me at all. When I’m really happy I don’t listen to music but I go bug my mom back at home or I make fun of my coworkers. I don’t need music for that.

It’s like Patty Griffin and all her domestic abuse songs turned into…shiny happy people. Bleh! It seems so wrong yet I suppose they’re entitled to a happy life and to write about it if they want to…I guess.

Eh, there’s always the Cowboy Junkies for all the depressing stuff anyone could ever want!

Hell yeah!

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