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Thursday, May 31, 2007

...With a Mouth Full O Chips...Bits

Bus is rolling along, outside it's looking kind of strange
There earth is shaking, the clouds are breaking
Everything is blue, where it was gray

-I’ve had a bit of a rebirth in looking for houses after taking a walk around the Lake Como area. The places that I have been looking at have been the standard cookie cutter style houses or town homes. I never would’ve thought to look in Ramsey county but damn, those mature trees sure look awesome. Also having a lake within blocks of a house with character is something I really give a damn about.

I’ve got some leads for Realtors and more mortgage hints thanks to Steph.

Also those non electric mowers look kinda phat too.

-Nick Mancini of Mancini’s Char House passed away recently and it reminds me of the time my family had supper at his place. Mancini’s is *the* classic St. Paul restaurant and a very classy place.

I remember we all were really crabby this day. My mom wanted me and my bro to pose in front of the snoopy statue in front of the place and the look on our faces was something like this: >:[

So we all sat down at our table and ordered some drinks. This old man then walks over to our table,
“Hello everyone I just wanted to thank you for coming down tonight. My name is Nick and I want to make sure you all have a good time here.”

I then thought, “Nick? As in Nick Mancini? That’s got to be him! What a nice guy!” I’ve heard of Nick Mancini on the local radio talk shows and everyone seemed to have a great opinion of the guy. I figured he was just a “man about town” and would sit in the back smoking a giant cigar and count his pennies. Nah, he was a very nice and genuine guy.

The four of us were still very mad at each other for some reason and we were just staring at each other for about ten minutes. Mancini was watching us and came over again,
“Folks how would you like a bowl of cheese bread? It’s on the house. Whatever I can do to make you guys happy, you let me know!”
And he motions to his waiter to bring us some cheese bread and I, being the temporary representative for our family, thanked him for his generosity.

One of the waiters spilled some barbeque sauce on my cap but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want Mancini to feel disappointed in our dining experience there. I mean everyone was in mean spirits and he did his best to try to brighten the mood. It was a very nice gesture.

I probably didn’t make that sound all that special but I was very impressed on how much care he gave his customers. Everyone has a story about the guy and he was about as nice as they come.

-Speaking of the parents, I was going to tell them to drop the bag of chips when I stopped over today. My parents are starting to balloon out there and it’s getting a bit ridiculous.
My family has always been pretty comfortable with each other’s bodies and whenever I’d buy some DQ my mom would always say,
“You know, you’re getting kinda fat!” and then I would retaliate with,
“So hows your diet going? I see you’re loading up on carbs and sugars, and definitely sodium.” nobody ever felt horrible or anything but it was just the way everyone was.

I remember back in the day when I actually had hair (wow those were the days) and I dyed it blond just to see what I looked like. My parents hated **hated** it.

Dad: You know, I really don’t like your hair like that.
Boof: You know, I think you’re really getting kinda fat!

And that’s just the way it goes. My bro and I have very similar body types in that we’re not midgets(6 feet tall), about average weight, and we have a good metabolism.

My parents are, as I alluded to before, tall midgets (about 5’5) and have the metabolism of a couch. My dad did work out for a period of time and he was really starting to look pretty good but apparently that all went to hell.

I think it was when my parents were yelling at each other with a handful of chips in their mouths when it made me think about things.

Mom with a mouth full of chips: younuh, that caaaar back der is un eye soooore.
Dad with a mouth full of chips: neeeeuuuhhhhhh waaaay shhhhhmuuuhhh neeeenuuuh.

And my bro still lives with them… bless him and give him a plaque.

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The Steph said...

Yeah...about those non-electric/non-gas, just basic blades that you push and they rotate mowers...everyone seems to be obsessed with getting them and using them lately - and they don't cut grass worth crap. And they seem to not affect weeds. Not a good investment in my opinion!!! Lo siento for bursting the bubble!