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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Clip Bits

This flame that burns inside of me
Im here in secret harmonies

-One night after work I was craving White Castles. White Castle is unique because it’s the only food that you need to plan for a couple days due to every bodily fluid reeking of those nasty onions. As it turned out I didn’t have anything going on at work, didn’t have a date, nor did I need to be out in public so I successfully ate some sliders.

I threw the uneaten sliders in the fridge when BJ guy found them the next morning. I can only imagine BJ guy opened the fridge when his eyes perked up to the sight of a sack of white castle hamburgers. He then went to wake up my roommate.

“Honey!!! There’s White Castles in the fridge!” with a huge smile on his face. He actually didn’t take one because he knew they were mine but now I wish he had. Anyone that has a reaction to White Castles should be privileged to have some.

-As it turns out Sugar Tits doesn’t like gravy and Pink Floyd

Boof and Sugar Tits have -2 things in common.

- I’ve had a new regimine of getting up at 9am and watching the golfers from my deck. It’s kind of nice but then I get tired and fall back to bed at around noon and I have the best dreams. One time I was living in The Office and I was part of this episode. It was really good and we were using Hootie and the Blowfish song titles as the comedic hooks in the episode. I can’t remember much after that but I probably made love to Pam.

I was woken up to this old guy knocking on our door.

*knock, knock* “Wake up, Wake up!” which is weird since no one really knows I live her and what my sleeping schedule is. It was the old neighbor guy and he wanted to talk to my roommate.
Stupid old guy

-Here’s a great clip (woah pun) of Bert Blyleven getting his head shaved by Johan Santana. Blyleven made a bet that Santana wouldn’t pitch a shut out when he was going against the Mets. Turns out he did and Bert had to eat it.

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