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Friday, June 01, 2007

Come On Kevin...

Now I'm banging on the door of an angel
The end of fear is where we begin

I remember when Liriano came up a couple years ago and how it was a bit like test driving a friggen bad-ass car. As it turns out he did okay but his stuff looked awesome.
Then I remember when Garza came up last year and the same feeling came again. He did okay and his stuff was alright but it was still exciting.

Now Kevin Slowey is another pitcher that the Twins have coveted. I don’t think any clubs have been willing to give Alfonso Soriano or any big name players for him (like Garza and Liriano) but he’s certainly looked good in the minors. He’s also replacing Ramon Ortiz so that’s enough happiness to share for at least a couple days.

Slowey will have his debut today in Oakland and a here’s a couple things about him. One thing about Slowey is that he really doesn’t walk anyone. This year in AAA he’s pitched just over 64 innings and has walked….5 hitters. Basically when he walks anyone the spectators should all stand and remove their caps with a collective gasp. Also by saying that I’m well aware that Slowey will probably walk the first hitter he faces today. Also his style has actually been compared to Greg Maddox if you can believe that.

So, if Slowey amounts to anything, the staff will look like this,

Santana: The best pitcher in baseball
Boof: Strike out pitcher who’s getting better
Silva: sinker ball pitcher who’s finding his grove
Baker: ??? One good game and another bad one

All in all it seems like a pretty good mix and with Garza waiting in the wings and if these new bullpen guys can hold a runner or two, we might be in okay shape heading into the all star break.

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