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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pork Chops

'Cause it's the new mother nature taking over
It's the new splendid lady come to call

Friday 8am

Phone rings….

Roommate: wakey wakey.
Boof: uh hey…
RM: Sorry to wake you up but I have a job for you.
Boof: uh yeah..
RM: In the fridge I have two pork chops and two steaks. EAT THEM!
Boof: oh uh okay. I guess I’ll have to do my duty and eat that stuff then. Hell yeah

I never really grew up with pork chops on the dinner menu growing up. I was more excited about the steaks but I know that pork chops have been on people top five list so I wanted to make these right.

I got home from work and I was fixed on these pork chops. One of my longtime friends had a party that night which I said I would come over but these pork chops were telling me that I should stay home and watch Kevin Slowey pitch.

Growing up my dad would do all the grilling (naturally) and every burger, brat, and steak he grilled was tough, dry, and tasted like charcoal. One doesn’t know anything else growing up so one assumes that this is how everything is cooked over a grill. I’ve never had anything medium or even medium well. I’ve never had the thrill of having juices lead out of a steak.

This was my chance to make and learn how to grill some great steak and pork chops. I looked up some recipes and started experimenting.

On one chop I marinated it with my favorite crack like hot sauce--Frank’s Red Hot (I know H this is weak hot sauce so bite me) and I drenched the chop in that stuff. The 2nd chop I put a different mix of seasoning on. I think I used black pepper, seasoning salt, basil, and other stuff.

I warmed up the grill and my mouth started to water. After five minutes I went back to the grill only to find out the propane was bone dry. My beautiful pork chops were right there in the plate waiting for me to cook them. I briefly thought about cooking them up on the pan but I nearly slapped myself for such a sentiment. I ended up hopping in my car and breaking into my parents place just to use their new, phat grill.

I didn’t wake them up and I was ultra quiet as I stumbled outside and back inside carefully turning the chops and timing everything. I was even able to catch the last of Kevin Slowey’s outing as well.

I took them off the grill carefully and sat down with the steak sauce just in case things didn’t taste right, knife and fork in hand, and wishful thinking. I took a bit out of the marinated chop and it was very good--definitely something I would make again. Then I decided to try the seasoned chop…

I closed my eyes and chewed slowly for the pork was amazing. I looked up and mouthed “oh my god” because is it possible that I just cooked the world’s best pork chop? I certainly think so. My first reaction was to grab a Kleenex but luckily I had more of this heavenly dish to eat. Now I can’t wait to buy pork chops.

Then the steak… very good. Not as good as that one pork chop but I made it to my liking and I gave a deaf ear to my mom who kept saying,
“You gotta cook it longer. So it gets black.”

Now I think the seed has been planted because I want to start grilling up stuff that I never thought I would grill up. Oh those juices and that taste…mmm damn


Anonymous said...

So are you going to finally stop eating the gas station sandwiches?

Hedy De Vine said...

You're making me salivate. I don't eat pork chops, but I love me some bloody steak. Season it with some garlic salt and onion salt and you're golden.

Boof said...

I will never stop eating gas station sandwiches