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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Queen Bits

We're only human, baby
We walk on broken ground
We lose our way
We come unwound

-With everyone saying how much of a genius David Chase was for that crappy ending I’m wondering if he could make a bad ending to those people. I mean the guy could probably have dancing monkeys with midgets riding tricycles and it would still end up with people saying “wow, see, the midgets represent the small sense of reality these mobsters have”.

Midgets riding tricycles would’ve been better too.

-I know everyone is dying to see this but this (not for the queasy)was one of my highlights of last weekend. When I saw this I had a smile from ear to ear.

After all, when your finger feels like it’s going to blow up this feels really good.

-More Live Aid ramblings…

Judas Priest had a terrible feedback problem. Usually for these DVD’s they edit and clean up all the feedback, swearing, and anytime the singer is off. Well, during “after midnight” there’s pretty much feedback through the whole thing.

-Also during Live Aid Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones regrouped as the remaining members of Led Zeppelin (although they didn’t come out as LZ). Anyway, so apparently Phil Collins asked Robert Plant to drum for them (because when I think of Led Zeppelin, I think Phil Collins) after John Bonham had already died back in 1980. Interestingly enough, their performance wasn’t included on the DVD because they didn’t like the quality of it.

This interview that I found on you tube is amazing to me.
1.) it’s possibly the most awkward interview ever
2.) Jimmy Page is completely “out of it” and everyone knows it
3.) Robert Plant seems to handle the weird questions like a pro and only cares about his solo career
4.) Throughout the interview Phil Collins senses some awkwardness and diverts the attention onto himself
5.) Page gives quite the look when Plant talks about his solo stuff.
6.) The interview. Never. Seems. To. End!

-Also on Youtube, I found one of the best performances ever. Queen rules.

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