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Friday, June 15, 2007

Smell 'Em 2007

True colours fly in blue and black
Blue silken sky and burning flag.
Colours crash, collide in blood-shot eyes.

Growing up and watching sports I remember despising certain teams. Usually these teams would be the ooberly popular teams that everyone liked (bulls, raiders, kings, white sox, ect). Basically if 5 people had their starter jacket in another city then I rooted against them. With that respect I’ve always rooted for the unpopular teams--the teams that the networks would hope to god never make it to championship series (Jazz, Bills, an original 6 hockey team, and the Padres--because of Tony Gwynn).

I still have a lot of that today with the biggest example being that I wanted the Spurs to win because no one else outside of San Antonio wanted another Spurs championship. Not that really care about basketball either but I like to disappoint the sheep so to speak. I also want ESPN to lay off all the LaBron gushing they’ve been doing.

I’ve always had a deep seeded hatred for the Atlanta Braves though. I remember back in ‘91 hoping to god that the Twins win because 1) I love the Twins and 2)I hated the tomahawk chop 3) maybe it was just me but everyone seemed to want the Braves to win. I vaguely remember a SNL skit (back when SNL was good) where during the Weekend Update they were doing the tomahawk chop and I, wearing my Thundercats pajamas, clenched my fist and said with a high pitch voice
“Oh now I really want the Twins to win.”

Sure enough they did in arguably the best World Series ever but that hated continued on. Twins and Braves were very comparable in ‘91. They both were worst to first teams, both had players that grew into their role, and they probably would’ve split a 100 game series had they played one.

Then the comparison faded away as the decade went on. The Twins were stuck with the cheapest owner in sports while the Braves had the ever annoying Ted Turner (who naps during the World Series!!!!) whom spent money on the team. The Braves kept winning while the Twins had to slowly unload that ‘91 team.

Every year I was more bitter and when the year came that TBS dubbed the Braves as “America’s Team” I just about threw up. Every playoff game and World Series I rooted against them.

I even--and get ready for this--I even rooted for the Yankees when they faced off against the Braves in ‘99 and ‘96. It even gets to the point where I give a bit of a steely eye toward the Indians for losing to the Braves in the ‘95 series--I mean what the hell?

Now that Ted Turner is no more and there’s only John Smoltz from that ‘91 team that remains, I still look at a Braves cap and jersey and my blood boils just a little bit.

That’s why after a win like last night, it seems twice as sweet. Knowing that the Twins came from behind against Clevelands old--and worthless closer--in Wickman, winning in the bottom of the ninth, doing so against the Braves, and knowing that the TBS announcers called the Metrodome a “house of horrors” puts a pure and gentile grin on my face.

SMELL ‘EM BABY 2007!!!!!

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