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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Cathartic Good Guy

And the days, they linger on
And every night, what I'm waiting for
Is the real possibility I may meet you in my dream

Recently it’s just dawned on me how I have a severe lack of baggage. I’ve always thought that I’ve been an average person who’s lived with an average family in an average suburb. Lately with the people I’ve talked to and nearly everyone I’ve dated has not had any of this and it just amazes me. I thought this was the stuff that only happens on Loveline.

Just a little background, I’ve always been described as straight and narrow. I’ve barely done drugs, I drink occasionally, and I’ve never put a cigarette in my mouth in my life. Just to add to things, I‘ve never had that weird uncle or been checked for pork and beans by weird old guys. I don’t cry if people yell at me and I don’t believe everyone is going to hell.

I’m starting to believe that I’m in the minority and that Ned Flanders and I might get along to some extent.

Then I start to actually thank my parents a bit for being as resilient as they are because they’ve managed to stay together for nearly 35 years. Now don’t let that fool you because I think I’ve seen my mom and dad kiss like twice in my life and I can’t remember anytime that my they’ve actually been affectionate to each other. I mean they haven’t had the best relationship but they’ve never been resorted in beating each other up and being stupid about things.

Also the more I think about it, the more my mom is to credit for the person I am. See, my mom is the most frustrating person I’ve ever had to deal with. I’m quite serious about that and I would certainly tell her that if she asked however, it’s because of her frustrating persona that has allowed me to not bust a nut every time something wrong happens in my life. I mean when you mom throws away your bin of lifelong valuables and replaces it with what she thinks should be in there, that can be quite frustrating.

What I really can’t stand about all this is the subtle jabs and slight criticisms that come my way for how straight and narrow I am. I mean heaven forbid that I don’t have a severe need/curiosity to rock the ganja and that I should do it because “everyone else does it”. How dare I never have that urge to get shit faced every night because I can deal with my problems being sober. How much of a goody-goody am I for not ever wanting to put a burning stick in my mouth because “it looks cool”. I mean good lord, I’m sorry I’m not a bad boy and haven’t had the curiosity of what weed will do while listening to Pink Floyd.

I mean it’s not that all that stuff is bad so I don’t do it, it’s that it just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Why should I smoke when it’s banned everywhere and costs $5 a pack only to get addicted? Why should I get drunk when I feel depressed and pathetic when I do so? Why should I toke up when I feel similar when I stay awake until 5am

That’s not to say I don’t have my own vices because I do it’s just that they’re not really much of anything (being an ‘assman’, chewing my nails, twins baseball, ect). It’s just frustrating when people put you down for having a little common sense in your life.

“I bet you call your mother everyday eh?” someone trying to be cute says.

No, I don’t. In fact my mom will tell you that I’m an ungrateful snot and I will even confirm that because I am an ungrateful snot. Just because I don’t fall into peer pressure shouldn’t mean that I fit the entire bill of being a goody goody and be chastised for it.

Ugh… rant over


Aliecat said...

I think it's admirable when people have never smoked, done drugs, etc. I just think it's either that people (who tease you about it) are so immersed in that culture that you're a bit of an anomoly or they feel like such shit about themselves they feel the need to put that feeling on you. BTW, most of the stoners I know wouldn't tease you about never smoking the geef. More weed for them, they would figure...

baby cakes said...

I never thought you were a goody two-shoes or whatever. You are who you are and march to the beat of your own drum. That's why you're so cool! :D