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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Me and My Grandmas

All I ask is if she's with you
please keep her warm and safe
and if it's in your power
please purge the memory of this place.

My mom now hates me but I’m alright with that. This last weekend we had our annual family get-together and bowed out of it because of my trip to New York. When I told my mom I wasn’t going along, she was noticeably pissed.
I keep bitching about these family get-togethers but they never end up being even close as bad as I whine about them. The reality for me though is since we decided to have huge family reunions every 2 years, I only feel the need to go every 2 years. I mean if I’m going to Iowa, I might as well make sure I see everyone instead of only a fraction of everyone.
Also my relationship with grandmothers has always been a bit weird. My grandma in Wisconsin and I understand the distance we have and we hug, we talk about things, and that’s about it. It’s nice because it’s a general understanding between two people.

I think this scenario explains it perfectly,
I was living with my cousin for a period of time because we were both going to the U of M. Our Grandma was two different people to me and my cousin because while he grew up with her being a block away, I only met her maybe ten times in my life.
She called up my cousin one day and after about a half hour of my cousin talking to her on the phone…
Cousin: So do you want to talk to Tom?
I was then giving my cousin a frown and shaking my head like it wasn’t necessary.
Cousin: okay, well have a good night then. Bye

Haha it was as if my grandma did the same thing I did. Not that I don’t love my grandma—because I do—but it would’ve been a very awkward dumb conversation

Boof: Hi Grandma
Gma: Hi how are you
Boof: I’m good and school is going well too
Gma: What?
Gma: oh, that’s nice
Boof: What?
Gma: I SAID…nevermind have a good night!
Boof: What did you say?
Hangs up

Then the grandma that lives in Iowa still has a bit of a grudge against me because me and my brother were complete bastard asshole kids that she had to deal with. Our parents would send me and my bro to the farm for a week so they didn’t have to deal with us and my bro and I would fight at least 3 times in that week. My grandma and grandpa were always pissed and told my mom that we were never allowed there again…because we were such a handful. Basically I was lazy and wanted to watch their satellite dish all day and my bro would continuously drive their 3-wheeler in the ditch.
If we stayed there for a month the farm would probably be on fire.

So my grandma forbids giving me hugs and insists on giving me handshakes.
And I’m alright with that. I love them both and I don’t depend on hugs to show it.

So with that being said I look forward to seeing everyone next year…and two years after that.

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