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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pictures from the show

Hush now baby, baby, dont you cry.
Mother's gonna make all your nightmares come true.
Mother's gonna put all her fears into you.
Mother's gonna keep you right here under her wing.
She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.

Last Saturday I saw the Roger Waters show at the Xcel. I came there without a ticket because A) There’s always someone who shows up with an extra ticket--for this concert I was hoping some hottie would be offering up tickets because she’s never heard of the guy--and B) it’s actually cheaper to buy tickets on the street. Once the concert starts tickets drastically go down in price. I figured this concert wouldn’t be sold out because the radio station was practically giving away tickets so I thought my chances would be pretty good.

So I hung out in front of the Xcel until I found someone with an extra ticket. I saw someone with this ticket (above) and I figured he wanted full price and I wasn't planning on spending $100 for this deal so I passed. Twenty minutes later I migrated to the west end of the arena and found a guy with an extra ticket.
Seeing that this ticket was $100 I asked him,
Boof: How much ya want for it?
Guy: How much are ya willing to give me for it?
Boof: $50
Guy: $60
Boof: no thanks

and I walked away. The guy then comes running over to me and says "$55". Deal and I pull out $50 and he runs off before I can get another $5.

So when you run it all down.
Price of admission: $99.50
space fee: $4
processing fee: $2
convenience charge (and what a convenience it is): $5
"bwahahaha fee" $5
contribution to the "Human Fund": $20
king of town tax: $3.50
secondary "bwahahahah" fee: $8
"Pearl Jam lost their lawsuit against us and now we're going to spite everyone fee: $100
Ticketmaster surplux fee: $23
"just in case we didn't charge enough fees" fee: $35

and with a couple other fees this ticket comes out to about $500 for which I paid $50 for.
Not bad.

For a back drop we had this to look at. As people were taking their seats we had some old school blues in the background to listen to. Suddenly La Bamba comes on followed by some swingin' Elvis stuff. As it turns out it was this here radio. So we had to listen to a guy listening to music as he was drinking some whiskey. It was cool for 5 minutes but it kept going on forever.

I then got tired and noticed this guy sitting in front of me was wearing this pink polo shirt. For those keeping score that's -5000 man points.
The guy sitting next to me asked me how much I paid for my ticket. As it turns out this sorry sun of a bitch sold the ticket I eventually ended up with for $30 which means the guy I bought it from made an easy $20. That got me thinking that I should think about doing that...but then I'd be one of those weird guys hanging out looking for tickets...which I was anyway.

Thirty bucks though...dang.

Videos to come. hold on...or go to bed.

In this video you get to hear the guys behind me. From the "Fuckin right" to the actual singing of Shine On it's all just great to hear. I mean what would I do without those guys talking throughout the show? Oh yeah, probably enjoy the concert.

Then here's a giant pig

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