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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pillow-like Bits

I want to break free from your lies
You're so self satisfied I don't need you
I've want to break free

-My mom was really giving me the business about my sudden trip to Chicago. Basically the whole idea of that trip just blows her mind. She just can’t understand why I would just up and go to Chicago and do it alone.

Mom: why would you do that?
Boof: because I wanted to.
Mom: Well I know but… geez. I bet your cousin would’ve liked to go
Boof: ah…I’m not inviting my cousin.
Mom: but…you went by yourself

I should’ve never even brought it up to my mom.

My dad walks in…
Mom: did you hear what your boy did this weekend?
Dad: ah…went to the Twins game?
Mom: How did you know?

The weird thing is that I never even told my dad this or any sort of inkling that I went to Chicago.

Dad: well, I know he loves the Twins so…why wouldn’t he go?
Mom: He went by himself though
Dad: yeah? So…?

I know it’s tough for people to believe but a I do like and need more “me” time than most people.

I mean if I have a day of meeting a crap load of people, I will absolutely have to get away at some point and just hang out somewhere by myself and read the paper or just relax. This is sort of what this trip was about.

I mean I can drive a car without having the urge to talk to someone.
I don’t need to talk to people if I have nothing to say to them.
I can be social but don’t feel a need to be everyday.

-One of the blogs that I visit regularly has a feature where the author can text in little blurbs as they go about their everyday life. These blurbs are usually along the lines of,
“This coffee is too hot, hope everyone has a good day! =)” and shit like that.

If I had the know-how/desire for this….wow. If you thought my entries were complete nonsensical babble now, imagine what texting would do?

I remember the first text I ever made. I sent it to Hog and wrote “I am taking a dump right now” and luckily Hog was in a car full of people (or something like that) so he had to show everyone what I wrote.

I know I would have a couple texts with stuff like that and maybe me describing the gunts that I see out in public.

“round, pillow-like and plump”

That could be mind boggling.

-As I was getting gas last weekend when I got home from Chicago a couple in a white bronco pulled up next to me. There was a man and woman who looked in their early 30’s and the vehicle had plates from Texas. I walked up and the woman had an infant sleeping soundly on her gunt. The guy looked like he lost his trailer carrying the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Guy: Excuse me sir, do you know where the dollar store is?
Boof: ah.. Not really (see, I think I knew where it was but it would’ve been hell trying to give them directions or maybe I was just lazy)
Guy: hmmm dang. Well do you know where we might be able to find a room around here?
Boof; yeah, just a block away over there.
Guy: Yeah, haha we checked there. That’s more than we’d like to spend--
Woman: --yeah for a month hush-hush

This hotel wasn’t anything terribly special and it was pretty much what is around here. For a month though? We’re not talking about the Ritz but dang.

Guy: anything cheaper around here? Is there an RV park anywhere around?

At that point I was thinking Anoka/Crapids but I wasn’t going to lead them there. So I just directed them to the Walmart parking lot.

-Christ, there’s too many people that have a ton of baggage.

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