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Monday, July 02, 2007

Pink Crap

All I ask is if she's with you
please keep her warm and safe
and if it's in your power
please purge the memory of this place

Crap List

1. The crowd at the Roger Waters show.
I love going to concerts for the music but I hate the audience. I’ve talked about this many times and it’s just so horrible. All I ask is for the audience to shut up--just sit there (or stand) and be quiet.

So Waters kicks off the show with about 3 Pink Floyd songs. Great stuff and the concert is starting off strong. The second he starts singing something other than Time or Money or Comfortably Numb the people start filing towards the concession stands for their beer.

They need beer so bad that they buy one during the concert they paid $100 for. Also it’s not even beer but Budweiser (aka: pepper water). They are willing to shell out $7 for their huge gulp of pepper water! DURING THE SHOW! Is it possible, just for once in your life, to go 2 hours without a beer?

Then, of course, whenever the performer says “fuck” or “shit” the whole crowd cheers. I hate that because it’s so pathetic. It’s basically the crowd saying “Wow, my mommy told me that was a bad word and now you’re saying it. That’s so cool!”

Is it so hard to go to a concert for the music? Am I the only one?

2. Those four old guys sitting behind me.
It was as if I was sitting in front of my dad and his buddies. Oh they were annoying from their awful singing of “wish you were here” to their stupid comments. Roger Water is very much against GW, Tony Blair, Reagan, Thatcher, Clinton, and war. Basically if you’re a politician, he hates you but he definitely leans heavy on the left side and it’s apparent in his work.

I mean for as popular as Dark Side is, it does have some pacifistic lyrics to it. Then if you still don’t believe me, The Wall is very much an autobiography of himself and he takes on war pretty heavily in The Wall. Then if THAT wasn’t enough, The Final Cut, you know, Requiem for the Post War Dream is again, satire for war. My point is, if you shell out $100 for a concert, you should know what you’re getting into. I mean look out because Mr. Waters just might take a stab at our President. I don’t know, just a hunch.

So the guys were not appreciating the Bush bashing and I had to hear,
“pfff I didn’t know this was going to be a fuckin Hillary deal!”
“Man, why does he have to get so political?”


Then they had the best quote,
“He doesn’t give a fuck about the troops”

Ugh, Apparently they didn’t know that Water’s dad actually died in WWII hence all of his war themes in nearly everything he’s written. The song is called Another Brick in the Wall part I.


I don’t mind anyone flicking off the acts--actually go right ahead because it’s quiet that way--but please, shut the fuck up!

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