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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8th Place Baby!

You oughta come some time for tea
Maybe we could see the sea
Talk a lot, or let things be
Just enjoy the mystery

November 2006 Buffalo Wild Wings

Hog: It’s official, Dave knows I’m heading into first any week now.

Hog was single handedly blowing out the league with Ladanian Tomlinson and was a game behind the current fantasy football leader. I was so jealous that I started rooting for the teams that he played against. I would actually root for two teams: my Colostomy Crushers and whoever The Goodfellas were playing.

Hog then went on to beat me in week (whatever) when I still managed to score a hell of a lot of points and he held a league record for points in a week. He also took the President’s Cup.

I raised my fist and shouted at the moon,

As the weeks went on the Colostomy Crushers started cruising and The Goodfellas hit a rocky spell. Six amazing weeks later the Colostomy Crushers were tied with The Goodfellas for 2nd place. The last game of the season and both teams happened to be squaring off against each other. Winner wins $100, loser wins only a measly $50.

I wanted that game so bad and I wanted to beat hog so bad.

The Goodfellas: 60 some points
Colostomy Crushers: 110?--a hell of a lot of points.

I won that $100 and Hog was pissed.

It was (and probably will be) my finest fantasy football hour.
(cue: Simply the Best) even though I was 2nd best…

As I start a new year I seriously doubt I can keep up that kind of production.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen I present you

Giggity Giggity

QB: Donavon McNabb
QB: Matt Leinhart

RB: Brian Westbrook
RB: Laurance Maroney
RB: Fred Taylor
RB: Ladell Betts
RB: Mike Bell
RB: Chris Brown

WR: Donald Driver
WR: Vincent Jackson
WR: Laverneous Coles
WR: Santana Moss
WR: Ronald Curry
WR: Robert Meachem

TE: Antonio Gates

K: Olindo Mare
K: Mike “the nuge” Nugent

Def: Pittsburgh

At first glance I think this is a pretty decent 8th place team. I mean at running back I got a bunch of idiots and at wide receiver I have a bunch of idiots. Man, this season is going to really suck!

But the more I look at it the more I start to feel okay about everything.

I mean McNabb at quarterback is very cool and he’s been solid the past…thousand years. If not, I really like how Leinhart comes off with those receivers he has.

At running back I’m a little skeptical on Westbrook and Maroney. Westbrook is the annoying guy in the back and he’s also the 2nd Eagle I took. Maroney is probably going to get jerked around by that annoying slob of a coach he’s got. Then there’s Betts, Brown, Bell--the obligatory Denver Bronco’s running back, and Taylor. Each of those guys has a decent possibility of being a number one back but it’s all just a crap shoot.

Receivers I’m really struggling at. Driver was okay and Vincent Jackson was a guy I really, really wanted (Colston being the other). Moss and Coles are alright and Curry and Meachum were my WTF picks of 2007. I figure, why the hell not. The Saints seem to find a new awesome receiver every week anyway so might as well try.

Tight end I just couldn’t help but to pick Antonio Gates. I didn’t really want to but I was looking at a bunch of receivers that I didn’t care for and the thought of having Gates again really seemed to tip the scales.

So based on my tendencies,
Denver Broncos running back: check
Really good tight end: check

8th place here I come!
As long as I beat Hog then it's alright though.

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Eric Wormann said...

Let me know what you think of mine:

QB: Carson Palmer
QB: Matt Leinart

RB: Larry Johnson
RB: Thomas Jones
RB: DeAngelo Williams
RB: Ladell Betts
RB: Reuben Droughns

WR: Lee Evans
WR: Chris Chambers
WR: Braylon Edwards
WR: Ronald Curry
WR: Mike Furrey

TE: Ben Watson

K: Stephen Gostkowski

DEF: Oakland