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Monday, August 06, 2007

Bridge Crap

No place for hidin baby
No place to run
You pull the trigger of my
Love gun

…And did I mention I got my computer back!

That sounds so nerdy.

Crap List

1. The Bridge being the political crutch for some people
There’s nothing like having a tragedy and having some airhead tapping his hands on his hips saying “see…I told ya so.”
Did any of you happen to read Nick Coleman’s article on the bridge from earlier this week? It reminds me of the movie “Day After Tomorrow” because it’s completely asinine. Overlooking the false information he goes on to chastise Pawlenty, the Twins, and the war in Iraq because of all the money donated in those three subjects could’ve been donated to the bridge.

Because everyone obviously knew the fuckin’ 35W bridge was going to completely collapse.

And it’s alright that he has that opinion but lets go the full nine--what about the subsidies to the farmers or the money going to other infrastructure or education. Why have money go towards education when there’s a bridge that’s not perfect.

In fact, where was Mr. Coleman with his cute little caulking gun filling in the cracks of the bridge? All that money spent on his laptop could’ve went to the upgrade of that bridge! What an ass!

I love that everyone thinks they’re now a master of bridge engineering and all the different ways of how trusses work and shit like that. Obviously they had high school physics and their bridge of Popsicles could withstand ten pounds and now they’re the king shit.

Let’s just blame some Greek God for how the bridge went down.

2. No Bat
God damn, what does it take for the Twins to get a good right handed hitter. Just someone that can hit 25 homeruns other than Hunter and Cuddyer. We have the pitching but the right handed hitter has been our pain in the ass.

Ugh the window is there! Buy a damn bat PLEASE! We’re getting you a stadium and you promised to put more money into the team. You’re not foolin anyone god dammit.

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