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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Bits

Now I'm here (now I'm here..)
Now I'm there (now I'm there..)
I'm just a just a new man
Yes you made me live again

-I think this is the first year that I’ve never really given an ounce of crap towards the upcoming NFL season. I believe I finally broke the spell where I would feel that slight urge to simply check on how the Vikings are doing in the first preseason game. I would stare at the screen as if I was watching regular football until it dawns on me that it’s in fact a ‘for the fun of it’ game.
I think it was Daunte’s awesome preseason of ‘05 that really turned me off. That year Daunte had this unbelievable preseason where he completed like 130% of his passes (somehow) and threw for a ridiculous amount of touchdowns.
As it turns out he sucked and I think that turned me off to preseason games completely.

Yet they still charge full price for those stupid games.

-I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer a lot in the past couple weeks and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really only about 3 episodes that get regurgitated around. Every episode it’s “calm and submissive” and taking the choke collar and putting around the upper neck.

Most of the time it’s just wussy owners who don’t step up to their dog. Basically all you gotta tell them is to grow a pair and the dog acts fine.

-Van Halen is coming out with a 50 date tour and I couldn’t give a rats ass. I used to love Van Halen and be obsessed with them. I mean there’s not much better than eruption turned all the way up in your car. Just that now that these guys are all 40 and 50 and knowing that Roth is going to act like a jackass completely turns me off to these guys.

Roth era had some really good music but I just can’t stand the guys voice and his high pitched yelps. Of course tickets will cost about $100 but I’ll probably wait outside to see if I can grab a $30 ticket.

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1 comment:

haasertime said...

you couldn't give a rats ass but you still plan on trying to get in.

it'll be a good show. David Lee Roth is hilarious.