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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lottery Bits

The full moon is dead skin. The one down here's wearing thin.
So set up the ten pins as the human tide rolls in.
Like a ball that's spinning.

-I have to admit that when I heard that Eddie Griffin was killed I thought it was undercover brother or a D-back for the Vikings. I actually had to look him up before I found out he was a former T-wolf.

-I like buying $5 worth of power ball tickets just for the fun of dreaming. What would I do with $240 million (and I know taxes take out half or whatever). If I won the lottery I would probably freak out. I would be so paranoid that I would hire two financial planners so they can each check each other. Then I may hire another just to check the two of them so they’re not in cahoots.

I would then probably move somewhere just to get away from the hoopla and live a quiet life trying like mad to keep my money a secret. I would hate the thought of people knowing how much money I have because I would feel guilty as hell. Then I could be like “the dude” and not look like a millionare but I would actually be a millionaire.

Or maybe I would buy a rocket car and a solid gold house.

Of course I have these dreams but then I find out that I only matched one number out of 30 and the dream comes to an end. Kinda like waking up.

-Texas scored 30 runs last night. I think that’s more than the Twins have scored in the last two weeks.

-A little birdie tells me that the new Hamline head basketball coaching position will be taken by… me! Me, me memememmememememememmeme. I wish…if nothing more than the hilarity I’d have.

That does sound nice though!

-A ham sandwich sounds nice too

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