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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New York Pictures: Part 1- Ground Zero

Each morning I get up, I die a little
Can't barely stand on my feet
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Lord what you're doing to me

My goal this year was to see Yankee Stadium. I hate the Yankees but I love baseball history. Therefore with Yankee Stadium being replaced in 2009, I had to see Yankee stadium, the park that Ruth built before it was demolished.

I've been to New York twice before so I didn't need to see Ellis Island or the Hard Rock or anything so I planned a very quick trip...about 20 hours to be exact. I bought a ticket to get to NY at 10:30am on Friday and another to leave at 6am on Saturday. I mean why stay at a hotel if I can sleep at the airport right?

Actually the thought of a 20 hour trip was very exciting because I would have this huge urge to see as much as I can without taking the time to do stupid things like jumping on the hotel bed and seeing what would be stealable in the room. Not to mention all I really wanted to see was Yankee stadium anyway.

Therefore my luggage consisted of...

My Camera and...

Nothing else. That was another thing, I didn't need any luggage for 20 hours! I could leave the plane and not have to wait at baggage claim. Basically I get off the plane and get the hell out of the airport. It was shockingly effective. Also whenever you have that thought in your head,
"alright, what did I forget?" I could look over my shoulder and say,
"Camera. Check" and not have to worry.

I came in without any problems and I just wanted to get to the Port Authority so I could get connected to the subway system. By the way, a one day unlimited subway pass was $7 and it takes you everywhere. I once had thoughts of seeing the Yankees ballpark tour but I was unable to secure tickets. Plan B was to check out Ground Zero where the Twin Towers fell. I felt that I really needed to see this. Luckily the subway system went right there.

The New York subway system is one of the most efficient and easiest modes of transportation I've ever used. It's easier getting around New York than Minneapolis or St. Paul.
Anyway I arrive to the stop titled "World Trade Center" and stepped out to a stop that was probably a shell of it's former self. I don't know what was renovated but it was eerie stepping off the subway and seeing just a sunlit hole in Manhattan.

It wasn't much what I expected. I expected something like the Halocaust Museum where everyone silently pays their respects and constantly makes memorials for the lost people.

They have this sign of the victims and...another sign and that's about it. I was a bit disappointed and thought there would be more of a placard or burning eternal candle or something but wasn't much of anything.

This was the other sign they had. Again... I know it's all under construction but a little framed copy of a great speech by Giuliani or someone. Hell, maybe even a signed photo of GW saying "Let's git 'em" would've sufficed. But oh well.

From a construction standpoint it was a bit interesting trying to picture the freedom tower coming from this. It was also simply neat seeing this organized huge hole in Manhattan with hundreds of workers having their own part.

Around the site they had plenty of barricades blocking people from entering but also allowing them to see what was going on.

It was kinda neat seeing it but now knowing what it's all about, I can probably skip it next time I feel the need to head off to New York.

Luckily there was a bit of a boardwalk right where the ocean comes in. After seeing what basically turned out to be a giant construction site, I just started walking and enjoying my stay. Not to mention that I'm starting to love strange giant clocks.

And I got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall. Where is Roger Waters when I need him?

Then I thought this was kinda cool.

This isn't Central Park but still near Ground Zero. It's always a bit fascinating seeing a patch of green space in such a packed place as Manhattan. I'm sure a bunch of dogs have crapped all over this too.

Coming tomorrow... Yankee Stadium!!!!

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