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Thursday, August 09, 2007

New York Pictures: Part 2-Yankee Stadium

The rain fell slow,
down on all the roofs of uncertainty
I thought of you and the years
and all the sadness fell away from me

I boarded the subway towards Yankee Stadium and I was like a kid that just woke up on Christmas morning. My summer goal was just a 25 minute subway trip away.

When I got there I noticed how cool the atmosphere was. I got there a bit too early so no one was around but I wanted some extra time to snoop around and, more importantly, to eat because I was starving.

Adjacent to Yankee Stadium is the New Yankee Stadium which is under construction. This new ballpark is supposed to cost 1.2 Billion.

cool eh?

like I said around Yankee Stadium is pretty cool. It just feels a bit special.

These shops open up and usually have people selling all their hugely expensive Yankees crap. The bars around there are expensive as hell too. I got a burger and fries for like $12 and they wouldn't even give me free refills on the pop either. I could've made a better burger then what I got.

The famous bat which is a meeting spot for a ton of people. It's also just a smokestack too.

I tried to get a good picture of the "Yankee Stadium" lettering on the upper deck but this is the best I could do since it's built in the middle of a cluster F they call the Bronx.

The one thing about my trip was that I didn't know where my seat was. I had ordered my ticket through a friend and I was told that it would be waiting for me when I stop in. It was and I immediately walked out to this sight...

My heart nearly stopped for I was behind home plate on this beautiful day. My section said 206 so I figured I was on the wrong deck to begin with. I then started with my 007 sneaking around so that I wouldn't be kicked off this level.

I took so many pictures in such a short amount of time that I felt like I was from another Japan or something.

I also just wanted to document as well as I could how beautiful everything was. I just couldn't believe how awesome it felt.

I was worried it was going to rain

I then made it to the outfield but not bleachers since they were pretty much taped off for on the 'bleacher creatures'.

I just get a kick how they cut a hole for tv cameras. Something I'm sure that wasn't thought of back in 1923.

One of the things I really, really wanted to see was Monument park which holds memorials from all the retired Yankee players. I thought it was just a ballpark tour thing but they actually open this little area (in left center field) before the game so fans can look and take pictures.

I have to admit that Babe Ruth is one of my favorite players. I actually had the thought of buying a Babe Ruth t-shirt jersey deal but I just couldn't live with myself wearing any Yankees gear. In fact seeing all the Yankee fans made me a bit sick to my stomach. I had to frown sometimes when I sat down and looked around.

The line was huge for Monument Park. As I was standing amongst the herd I saw this at our feet and took a picture. I think about 95% of the people missed this but this could very well be one of the most informative plaques they have in Monument Park.

The Babe Ruth memorial. I believe this along with the two others (Lou Gehrig and their manager) was actually in play for a period of time.

The Yankee bullpen. This blue fence was actually in play for much of the past. Just goes to show how huge ballparks were back in the day.

Finally an usher asked to see my ticket and I figured I was caught. I was about where I came in at this time and he simply pointed to a seat that was just a couple rows back from us.
"Where is my seat again?"
"That one right there" and this was the view of from my seat.

nearly 20 rows back. I could not believe it. I sat at my seat at about 6pm and sat there in awe up until gametime. I just could not get over how cool everything was. I couldn't believe I was seeing a game in Yankee Stadium from this vantage!

I'm very happy that I never rooted for the Yankees once. I was secretly nodding my head after every Devil Ray run and it felt good to be in Yankee Stadium and rooting against the Yankees. I felt like a bad boy.

This guy has this metal plate and he bangs it with a spoon. Everyone gravitated towards this guy and he's some sort of Yankee legend. Before the game he sat next to me outside the gate and I figured he was just some crazy old man. People would come up to him and bang on his plate and thing it was the coolest thing ever.

The game went about 4 hours due to the 15 walks and the lack of a Yankee bullpen. It was alright with me because it gave me more time to enjoy the ballpark.

I then went to Times Square because it seemed like a good idea. They had a huge group of people in front of the Virgin Megastore. Nobody knew what the deal was until we saw this guy dressed up as Harry Potter and then it dawned on us. We were minutes away from the release of the new Harry Potter book.
I'm not a big Harry Potter guy but holy crap those people were. They were walking out of Virgin reading the thing. What's cool about Times Square is 1) the lights and how awesome they are and 2) everything stays open until about 2-3am.

And then after a subway ride where a woman threw up in front of me and a homeless guy fell asleep while holding his ankles, I got back to the airport where I played with a wheelchair until my plane left.
20 hours of New York went by like a blur (as it should have) and I would absolutely do it again. No luggage, great subway systems, and seeing as much as possible in 20 hours.
good times.

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