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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pathetic Bits

The lesson learned was so hard to swallow
but I know that I'll survive
I'm gonna take a good look at myself and try

-I must say after almost three years of doing this blogging stuff I’m starting to come down with writers’ block. I mean I usually have something crazy to share but lately I’ve just been thinking about my one class next month, work, and dating.

I can’t even watch a movie anymore without being completely distracted and wondering what else I could do. Perhaps it’s just the dog days of summer or it’s my anticipation to eat a hell of a lot at the State Fair but this month has been a month of blah.

-I hate the name Donaghy. It looks and sounds stupid.

-Vick is a cool name though. It sounds cool and it’s starts with a V. There’s not many names that start with a V.

-I’ve been a bit addicted to 80’s Rod Stewart videos lately for some odd reason. I was watching the Concert for Diana because… I like those big concerts and Stewarts saxophonist was extremely hot as hell. He was singing ‘Baby Jane’ which was another one of those token 80’s cutesy songs that he sings.

So now I’ve been looking for his 80’s version of ‘Twistin the Night Away’ which was another tune that I kinda like.

-I should’ve known better but when you date someone who’s top two most hated movies are
1. The Big Lebowski
2. Anchorman

Then I should’ve just ended it there. I mean how…why? I can understand The Big Lebowski because women tend to not like that movie but Anchorman?!

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