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Monday, August 20, 2007

Pitch Count Crap

It gets so hard sometimes to understand
This vicious circle's getting out of hand

Crap List

1. The Fans and Media's Reaction to Santana’s 17 Strike Out Game

And what a game it was! It was one of those days where the pitcher completely OWNS the other team. It was Bug Bunny like in that the batter could swing three times and find three holes in his bat. It was as if he was throwing balls with the break of a whiffle ball but with the speed of a golf ball.

It was simply magical!

So Santana comes into the 8th with about 100 pitches which is usually about the time he gets the boot. I’m sure because he was so awesome Gardy decided to leave him in for the 8th which is risky enough considering he gives up that token homer at around that time. He pitches the 8th and strikes out the side.

He’s now up to 112 pitches and it’s still 1-0. The Twins now have the best closer in the league warming up and everyone still has the hope that Santana will be allowed to break the rules and pitch the 9th for the chance to strike up 20 batters in a game. Such a feat has only been accomplished 3 times and is one hell of a feat.

For the start of the 9th Nathan then comes on and saves the game for the Twins amongst boos and pissed off fans.

ESPN even had a blurb about how if he would’ve pitched the 9th he could’ve had 20 K’s.

The guy had 112 pitches!!! The guy is the most important pitching commodity in the game! Why the hell would they risk him pitching with a tired arm for a chance (slight chance at that) for a record?

Then ESPN, the network that has numerous guys making playoff assumptions based on August records, is no better. This network has “baseball guys” making playoff predictions based on last week. I can’t stand it when people say stupid things like “Oh Detroit’s out of it because they’ve lost the last 3 games” yeah but they have 30 more to go!

“Oh Yankees are so in because they’ve played well over the past couple weeks” yeah but the Yankees suck.

2. The “paint a wagon” episode of the Simpsons

I remember when me and my friend Chris would religiously watch the Simpsons back in our Marshall days. This episode would pop up every now and we’d have different reactions to this episode. Chris love it. It was his favorite episode whereas I hated it and felt it was their weakest episode.

I still do and it still angers me to a point. I guess I never really liked the singing in the Simpsons at all. It’s something the show (or any show) could completely do without. For that matter I don’t care for show tunes or musicals so perhaps the whole idea is just lost on me.

Anyway for some reason I wanted to hear what the producers and writers had to say about that particular episode since I own that season of the Simpsons. I was hoping for something along the lines of,

“This was probably the worst episode we’ve ever created.”
“The fan backlash with this episode was overwhelming”
“Only exceptionally gay people like this episode…and that’s okay”

But no it was all about how much fun it was and how it’s the favorite episode by so many people and how singing is fun and all that crap.

Singing is for singers and if I wanted to listen to funny songs, I would listen to Weird Al or Creed.

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