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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I wont ask you where you're goin.
I wont ask you where you been.
I know after a million times you get sick of all my lines,
but I just wanna see you safe again.


Holy crap it's been forever and ever since I've done some bits.

-A couple weeks ago I came home from work and I found a sex swing in our garage.  It wasn't hooked up or anything but it was still in the box.  It's been sitting there for the past couple of weeks and now there's a sheet over the sex swing if I didn't see it the first 2 weeks. 

Despite it being sick and me trying to imagine BJ guy and the roommate using this thing, I can't help but to wonder how the thing gets anchored onto the ceiling.  Like how can one weight 200 lbs. and still be able to have the swing support ones self?  Do ya wipe it before or after each use?  Ugh...will it go above the hot tub? 

-In terms of fantasy football I decided to check out what I thought about my team last year.  Last year through a couple brilliant pick ups and a heroic win over Hog's team I managed to have a damn good team. 

After reading this entry I pretty much determined that luck saved my team from extreme mediocrity.  For instance, take a look at the quarterbacks that I really wanted last year:  Eli, Delhomme, Daunte, Kurt Warner, and Jake Plummer.  3 of which never finished the season because they sucked so bad and the other two were just bad.

RB:  Ronnie Brown, Cadillac, Steven Jackson, Mike Bell.  I had it right with Steven Jackson but that's about it.  The other 3 were huge stiffs.

Then the team I drafted in 2006 looks worse than the team I drafted this year.

-I purchased the 3rd season of The Office and so far it's more dramatic than the 2nd season.  It's more soap opera-like.  Dwight is still funny as all hell.  I just wish Pam would dress more slutty. 

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The Steph said...

BTW - real-life Pam is single again.