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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Week Crap

I can't quit you babe
I... think I'm gonna put you down for a while
I said you messed up my happy home
Made me mistreat my only child

Crap List

1.  Last week
So last week was probably the most worrisome, stressful, busiest, insane week ever.  Last week was so ridiculous that I couldn't even tap into my 'release activities' of working out, blogging, and going to KFC and ordering potato wedges. 
Basically the core of last week was me starting out my educational career in architecture by taking the intro class at the U of M.  I went into that class not knowing if I had a love for architecture or just a general version of 'hey, that building looks cool'.  However I did have visions of maybe, just maybe architecture is my passion and I could excel at it.  I could join 'nerd school' (grad school) and come up with some killer stuff and set an example and have a deep seeded passion for my work and absolutely love to work.  I would have Pam as my associate and be the first non-pretentious architect ever.

This was before I even took a class and after reading a couple magazines on architecture.

Then I took the class-the class of about 300 18 & 19 year old students who've yet to be out in the real world.  This was also the first time I've been in school since '04 and that was for environmental classes.

I went to the first class and it rubbed me the wrong way right away.

Prof in this fakey elegant voice:  Hello everyone, my name is (name).  If you want to address me then call me Prof. (name) or Prof (full name) or I suppose you can call me by my first name.  Miss, Mrs, or Ms. is inappropriate for university studies and I will not tolerate it.

Right away I kind of frowned on that and shook it off what I suppose.  She would also mention about how she went to Berkeley about a 5 times that day too which seemed an awful like some SNL skit.  Despite all that I was quickly reminded about all the things that really irritated me about university classes like how the TA's seem to teach more than the actual accredited professor and how the U of M automatically bills you for 13 credits even if you only take one class. 

Then the discussion of landscapes happened in the 2nd class. 

TA:  Lets have a discussion on landscapes.  How do landscapes make you feel?

I had this frown on my face as if the TA just said "fuck".  I honestly don't feel anything in the topic of landscapes.  It's just way too broad of a question to even have feelings for.  At least for me but all these kids had something decidedly worthless to interject.  Then the professor walks in and ten more kids raised their hands to participate in this worthless discussion just to show the prof that they're pretending to care.

The class left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I was starting to wonder if it was really worth the hour out of my way and the $1200 and the stress and time.

Then the first project came out.  The project called for us to take an object and turn it into something else.  For instance someone took condoms and turned them into a baby's bib (see the hidden concept?  condoms-baby-bib?) and we all had to do something similar.  I tried, I worried and wracked my brain for a week trying to come up with something.  I even walked around Wal-Mart until 3am wandering around until I thought I found a brilliant idea.  I repeatedly was turned down because the TA couldn't find the connection or it wasn't 'deep' enough or I didn't 'jump the canyon' or whatever.  After 4 attempts and four rejections because "I don't understand it" (remember I can't take constructive criticism) I started thinking of my options.

I looked at the syllabus and asked myself "do I really want to do this?" and the answer was decidedly "no".  I could spend most of that $1200 on coke and whores and have a much better time than this POS class.

It just wasn't my cup of tea and could tell already that architecture was just me looking at cool structures.  Not to mention that the class seemed really gay (and I'm all for gay rights).

2.  Burger kings $1.39 double cheeseburger
Burger King, seriously, what the colossal fuck?  WERE YOU LOSING MONEY?  Did the $1 double cheeseburger really give your accountants that much of a headache?  DID YOU THINK WE WOUDN' T NOTICE?

When I pull into the BK drive-thru and order my 2 double cheeseburger and 2 4-piece chicken tenders I pay my $4.26 and not FIVE FUCKIN SIXTEEN!  This is an absolute sin as far as I'm concerned and Burger King shall rot in Hell for this monstrosity.

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