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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sex Swing Bits

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me

-Because I've been so damn busy lately I called a wrote a note to my company asking for a raise.  In the note I gave some damn good points on why I should get a raise and what I've been up to lately.  I got the idea after watching 'The Negotiation' episode of 'The Office' about 5 times.  I'm ready to negotiate if that's the case.  Maybe I'll negotiate my way into millionaire status!

Solid gold house here I come!

-Great moments in Boof speech history:
2004 Remote Sensing class

I was grouped up with super duper nerd (graduate) student who was so painfully boring that I found myself carving out my name in my forearm just to liven her up a notch.  She drove me nuts and simply took control of this project that we had to do.  I couldn't stand the class as it was because the professor was horribly boring and lazy by giving us power point lectures passed down from the years.

The day we had to present our final project our class of complete nerds had to present their project to the rest of us.  Everyone sucked at speaking by looking at the ground, smacking of the lips, and no assertion in their voices.  It was listening to a bunch of scientists amongst sports fans.

Then came time to present our project and we agreed that the nerd would start things off and she did.  Poorly.  She did what everyone else did in terms of hesitation and being scared strait.

Then came my turn.

I was the only one who spoke with power, voice inflection, hand gestures, eye contact, and I even walked around in front of the class.  It was as if I injected life into the class for the first time ever. I never gave a "ah" or "um" either. 

When I was finished my nerd for a partner said,
"good job" and I replied with,
"I know."

-I bring up that story because I had to give a speech at my cousin's eagle scout court of honor this weekend in Iowa.  My cousin didn't give me much direction in what to say,

Boof:  What would you like me to talk about?
Cuz:  Ah, whatever you want to talk about.

Alright.  So I was really nervous going up in front of my relatives because I don't think they've ever seen me speak like this before.  In fact I was a bit afraid of fainting just before I stood up because I didn't have much to eat before hand.

I went up and gave a so-so job in my unbelievably high standards.  As it turns out I got a ton of compliments and my aunt and uncle were really grateful of me doing such a nice speech.  I even made another aunt cry! 

-My roommate and BJ guy had the neighbors over this weekend and as I walked up my roommate freaked me out,

Rmmt:  So G says that the first night you walked in here you caught us having sex in the garage
At this point I nearly pissed my pants.  We were now talking about the unspeakable night right here in the open.
Boof:  haha well I didn't want to interrupt or anything.
Rmmt: You could've asked to join in!  Hell, I don't even remember that.
Boof with a disgusting look on his face:  haha yeah well...

If that conversation wasn't bad enough the sex swing was all set up in the garage and BJ actually got in to show it off.  Stirrups and all!

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