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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 2 Picks

I'm just wondering why I feel so all alone
Why I'm a stranger in my own life

The past ten days have been so unbelievably busy that I'm about to crack.  Everyday from 2:30 to 10pm I've been running around and lining things up.  I've had a ton to talk about but no time to type it so... bite the 2 people that may read this.

Anyway last week I was an outstanding 8-7 and looking over everything, I didn't even have any kind of a sleeper.

This week...I really don't know so I'll take a shot in the dark


Atlanta @ Jacksonville
Woah the falcons really suck now.  It's almost to the point where I wouldn't be against having Michael Vick play if it was only the 2nd quarter.  At least then we could joke around and hope he gets sacked. 
Jaguars 30 Falcons 10

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh
blah, blah blah.  Pittsburgh wins
Steelers a lot Bills not enough

Cincinnati @ Cleveland
I have a feeling this will be the last game with Charlie Frye at quarterback.  It's weird because it seems as if there are 6 really dominant teams and some of these potentially decent teams--not saying Cleveland but other teams.  Anyway...
Bengals 27 Browns 13

Green Bay @ NY Giants
I didn't watch that game on Sunday night but it seemed as if it was a lot like gamerivals' Run 'N Gun game but with nonstop passing. I'm hoping this is a shootout because I got Donald Driver.
Packers 24 Giants 13

Houston @ Carolina
I want to pick Houston only because they are one of my potential teams I was talking about but this is the odd year that Carolina is supposed to be good too.  Since Carolina is at home I have to go Panthers and that damn Steve Smith.
Panthers 17 Texans 13

Indianapolis @ Tennessee
I really want to pick the titans and I think I always seem to go for the Titans in this matchup but this could also be the game that Vince Young gets his knee all owyed up.  I'm going to say 'what the hell' and go Titans for the fun of it.
Titans 27 Colts 24

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
That Saints game seemed really ugly last week and it's making me wonder a little bit.  I mean maybe the Colts are really bad this year and the Saints are actually that much worse!  Or maybe the Saints flat-out suck and Reggie Bush was just really, really overrated.  Or it could just be a bad Thursday night.
Saints 33 Bucs 17

San Francisco @ St. Louis
After that boring Monday night game and how St. Louis lost at home last week I just don't know what to think.  I guess I see Stephen Jackson running over everyone and the goalpost in this one.
Jackson 31 49ers 24

Dallas @ Miami
Dallas rolls because they're awesome this year.
Cowboys 28 Dolphins 14

Seattle @ Arizona
I think Arizona has been the sleeper pick for the last 15 years and yet they always fail to win 6 games.  Arizona sucks.
Seahawks 27 Cards 23

Kansas City @ Chicago
Chicago wins because they have a defense.
Bears 9 Chiefs 0

NY Jets @ Baltimore
All my receivers are playing the best defenses and it pisses me off.
Ravens 23 Jets 10

Oakland @ Denver
Broncos 24 Raiders 23

San Diego @ New England
The potential game of the year.  Rock-fuckin-on!
Chargers 38 Patriots 33

Washington @ Philadelphia
Eagles 27 Redskins 16

Minnesota @ Detroit
I think I'm actually a little bit excited for Vikings football for the first time since...before.  I gotta go with the lions because I don't know exactly how good the Vikes are.
Lions 31 Vikings 13

Julia Roberts has some mad veins coming out of her forehead.

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