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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 3 Picks

You made 'em laugh - you made 'em cry
You made us feel like we could fly

Last week I went 8-8 and almost called that Titans upset.  I blame last week on the crappiness of the colts, Stephen Jackson, and the lack of defense by the Bengals (51 points?).

This week I'm going to dust myself off, keep my head up, and look towards the sky because I at least know one win, the Vikings.

Like I said, last week I went 8-8 with an overall record of 16-15 so I'm looking for blood god dammit.


Miami @ NY Jets
The Jets are my team this year.  I normally don't care for the Jets or any New York team but because I have L. Coles I have to root for them.  That Jets game last week royally sucked but I didn't start Coles so that game can bite me, right on my ass.
Jets 27 Dolphins 13

Arizona @ Baltimore
Baltimore will always have a gang banger defense and there is no other way about it. 
Ravens 23 Cards 20

San Diego @ Green Bay
woah, I thought the Chargers were good and the Pats just rip them a new one.  The damn Packers are surprising as well.  Suprisingly stupid!  ahhahahahahha
Chargers 27 Packers 24

Buffalo @ New England
The Patriots have this aura that reminds me of the old 49ers teams for the 80's and 90's.  It's as if it's an honor to get slaughtered by the Patriots.
Patriots 30 Bills 3

Indianapolis @ Houston
It seems as if the Colts never really get any better or any worse.  It's like they're stuck in their own efficient bubble where they either win boringly or win efficiently.  Basically what I'm saying is I want the Colts to win or lose by 60 points.
Texans 30 Colts 28

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh
yuck... Steelers and don't even play the game
Steelers 33 49ers 10

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay
I'm liking the Garcia/Galloway connection.  I think Tampa may have something there.  St. Louis on the other hand is like the crappy and loser version of the Colts.
Bucs 23 Rams 17

Detroit @ Philadelphia
eh, I think I'm actually going to go with Detroit on this.  Philly really sucks and their defense is not very impressive.  It's just that seeing a crappy Eagles team seems really strange and wrong.
Lions 28 Eagles 27

Cleveland @ Oakland
It's probably the first Browns/Raiders game I've ever somewhat wanted to watch.  Here's to another shoot-out!
Raiders 35 Browns 24

Cincinnati @ Seattle
And then this game could be a crazy ass shoot out as well!  Chad Johnson's dances were pretty lame except the jumping in the opponents stands bit--that was entertaining.  I'm hoping he does something really cool for this game.
Bengals 24 Seahawks 20

Jacksonville @ Denver
I'm tired so ...Denver wins

Carolina @ Atlanta
Any game with Atlanta is now boring until they start Byron Sammitch

NY Giants @ Washington
Same deal with the joke of a team called the Giants

Dallas @ Chicago
Chicago is again just relying on their awesome defense.  Other than that they suck.  Dallas in this game.

Tennessee @ New Orleans
Saints are so god damn bad that all the Saints fans should sign a petition and get dollar double cheeseburgers from Burger King.  Tennessee baby

Minnesota @ Kansas City
Oh yuck.  Basically this game is just the Vikings defense and whatever the Chiefs have left of an offense.  Vikes should probably just kneel the ball every chance they get it and the Chiefs should punt every chance they get it because this game will be decided on defense and which defense scores the most points.
Vikings 24 Chiefs 6

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