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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday '07

Shameless Sea
Aimlessly so blue
Midnight moon shines for you


Birthday 2007 was not as good as birthday 2006. 

Last year was kind of sweet in a way that only my family could resonate.  My brother bought me a really cool card, my dad got me money, and my mom bought me something so unbelievably weird (ceramic cows) that I just went with it.

This year was a let down.  I came home and my mom was all into her weight loss book where this guy says you need a series of shots.  My bro wanted to talk houses and my dad wanted to talk about work.  I guess all are good topics to talk about but I didn't get that weird present this year and didn't get any cake and no one sang happy birthday to me!  I feel kinda dumb for wanting it but I just think it's kind of sweet when you have the lights off with the candles while your family is singing happy birthday to you. 

Instead of cake my mom bought those cupcakes that people pretty much have to trample over when you first walk into a grocery store.  I was a bit annoyed with the cupcakes since I've always had Dairy Queen cake but oh well.

My bro got me a really nice 'The Office' talking card which I really liked.  My parents gave me a 'major league baseball' talking card which was cool too. I guess I can buy my own cake but I really missed the happy birthday song.  It's odd when it's not sung.  Oddly enough I did my mom's patented 'stupid present' too.  I was all ready for something so bizzare, something that she picked out of Goodwill that I was getting ready for it. 

At least this year I feel good about myself and not so down.  Last year (and previous years) it was always the motif that "uh oh, I'm getting older and I guess I need to start wearing tweed jackets with leather elbow pads" but not this year.

This year I say fuck the elbow pads and I'm happy to be 28.  I don't feel old at all and I'm ready to go out and eat dairy queen cake.

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