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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Grilling Bits

leave me out with the waste this is not what i do
it's the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you

-I probably had the first nightmarish type of dream in years the other day.  It started out with me climbing up the buildings at my place of employment and me smashing them (Rampage style) until one-by-one they tumbled to the ground.  I was a bit possessed at the time for some reason.  It's like how you have a bag of fireworks and you just want to see if you can blow up a cup of gas.

Anyway I snapped out of it and I realized I destroyed part of my place of employment.  I then walked up to my boss and asked,
Boof: So uh, what do ya think?
Boss:  Well, obviously you can't come back here anymore.

And then I started to feel sad for getting fired and destroying a bunch of stuff.  As the dream went on I began to wonder what I will do for a job and how I'm going to relate with this.  This part of the dream went on waaay too long as far as I'm concerned.  Like practical joke-way too long. 

I then woke up and it actually took me about 20 seconds to realize that it was a dream.  I was actually relieved that I didn't destroy or kill anyone.  What's weird is that I slept from 2am to 11am without waking up between.  I usually always wake up about 4 times throughout my slumber.  It was heavy man!

-Last week team Giggity Giggity netted zero points from their running backs.  That includes the four other running backs on the bench too.  Probably not a good sign.

-That dude was totally safe on Monday night.  That ump should be fired or fined.

-My roommate is now noticeably bitter about me leaving in 3 months.  I'm pretty sure she had my future rent money already spent for something else and I completely screwed up her plans.  What really gets me is that when I told her about my notice she asked,
Roommate:  Is it because of Me and [BJ Guy]?

Which is insinuating that she knows that there could be a chance that 'they' could be the reason.  If so, why even have sex in the garage?  Why have sex in the garage that we both clearly use?  On top of that, why grill naked when you know that I always come out of hibernation whenever I smell something cooking on the grill?  I'll stop in from 20 miles away and it turns out they're grilling. 

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