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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dear God, I Hope you got the letter and
I pray that you can make it better down here.
I don't need a big reduction in the price of beer

I consider myself to be one that is very mild mannered and I don't get excited for much unless it's beautiful asses or transformers.  Other than that, I generally don't give much of a damn.

Tier one:  no difference.

This is where something random will go wrong and it could be big or small.  Usually for these instances I will say "shit happens" and move on.  My mood doesn't change at all, life goes on, and live and learn

Tier two:  bad mood

This is where one bad thing happens and multiple small things go wrong.  Usually they go hand in hand because I'll just be in a negative mood and noticeably troubled.  You might find me with my hands on my hips and shaking my head at this point.

Tier Three:  uneasy craziness

This is where everything is going wrong, where Murphy's law comes in to play and I want to outwardly kill Murphy.  The weird thing is that my mood is now better than tier two and it could appear that nothing is wrong.  In fact the whole shit storm of problems is hilarious to me and I'm waiting, yearning for that next thing that will go wrong so I can break into a giggling fit.  I'm almost afraid of my own sanity because at this point I could snap shut down.

I found the low coolant light on in my car.  No problem, just fill up the car with coolant.  After adding an entire gallon Tier one became apparent.  Something was very wrong with this because while I could understand adding a quart of coolant, I can't believe I would need to add a gallon without seeing any leaking. 

I called up my dad and added more until it was full.

Dad:  so everything is alright?
Boof:  I think so.  But where did all that coolant go.
Dad:  hmmm.  go check the dipstick

I checked the dipstick and the sight was probably one of the scariest things I have ever seen.  This thick poo color was caked on the dipstick.

Instantly Tier two was permanently all over me.  I knew I probably shoudn't drive the car anymore since it was now being lubricated with antifreeze so I parked it in the auto repair yard.

Yesterday I received a call from the shop

Guy:  ah yeah, well the head gasket is bad...
(blow one)
and usually with that the heads get cracked...
(blow two)
and I'm not done with the estimate yet but repairing all that would be about $2000-$2500  (as in two thousand- twenty-five hundred dollars) but I'll give you a call when i know more.

I instantly went into tier 3 and possibly beyond because I certainly felt kinda high and in a whole new world.  It was as if I was waiting to wake up.  Like I would look to the ceiling and say..."okaaaaay, alarm clock go off at anytime now"

I then got another phone call from the shop.

Guy:  Yeah I'm done with the estimate and it's going to be about $2600 plus tax

at this point I'm about ready to do a man faint.  This is also the perfect example of the difference between tier 2 and 3.

With tier 2 I would be yelling at the guy,


but instead I was like "woahhhh wuuhooooh spaghetti O's"  and completely out of it.  It was like I just had a lobotomy. 

So now I'm very numb and I feel really sick.  There's nothing I really could've done to spot the problem any earlier and 'when was the last time I had an oil change?' you may be asking?  It was about 2850 miles ago so I totally got screwed on the deal.

so.... yeah.  If you ever have a bad experience with car repairs...think of me and this last scenario.

With that being said, if anyone knows any funny jokes, videos, or pictures, or pictures of hot women I could certainly use them right about now.

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