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Monday, October 01, 2007

Rattling the Hornet's nest

Shall we get into fights
Leave the lights on
Drop bombs
Do tours of the East
Contract diseases

Warning:  I'll probably piss off some people here with this particular entry so...don't take it too personally.

Yesterday was the first day of awesomeness as far as I'm concerned.  Yesterday was the first day the no smoking ban went into effect for the entire state of Minnesota and for me being a non-smoker this is music to my ears. 

No more of the wandering smoke from a smoker or the burning eyes from a smoke filled room.  No more of someone turning their head to exhale right in front of you.

It's about damn time.

I must admit though that I probably do agree with rebuttal about the government telling a private business what to an extent but for me this ruling is just for my own selfish desire not to put up with smokers in a bar that I want to sit in.  I mean I didn't agree with the Hennepin county banning or the Ramsey county banning.  Then you have all the smoker retreating toward the suburbs in order to find a bar that does allow smoking (which sounds kinda crazy if you ask me).  I don't care about the health effects of smoking or smokers.  I just want to come home and not smell like an ash tray.  I mean if you're doing something that bugs other people, take whatever you're doing out to where you wont be bugging people.  It's that easy!  It's common courtesy as far as I'm concerned.  When I have a phone call I walk out of the room so I'm not bugging anyone with my conversation.

I don't care if none of the smokers decide to quit just do whatever you're going to do in a place where I (or anyone else) will have to put up with it.

We can debate the topic all we want but the bottom line is...US NON-SMOKERS WON BITCHES!  Smokers, take your smoke and go outside and quit bitching!  No one is stopping anyone from smoking.  Just do it in a designated place.  It's too cold outside?  Then grab a jacket. After all we live in Minnesota and when I first step into my car in the morning it can get cold too.  Do I whine about that?  No, because who the hell is going to listen anyway.

In a year or two from now the whole idea of smoking in a bar is going to seem so foreign that it's a wonder how we ever accepted it in the first place.  After all, it was allowed in the work place for awhile and now it's hard to even imagine!

If you revolting smokers are going to strike by not buying anything on Saturday then I'm going to make it a point to buy EVERYTHING on Saturday. 

We won smokers, take your rebuttal and bitching outside and complain to all the other smokers while lighting one. 

Maybe next we can find a place outside for people with bad gas.

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