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Monday, November 12, 2007

Confusing Movies

I guess you finally stopped believing
That any hope would ever find you
Well I know that story,
I was sitting right behind you

For some reason I'm not really understanding movies like I once did.  About five years ago I could really pick apart movies and get good ideas on what was inspired by the bible or the hidden meanings behind certain cuts in movies.  I could probably give a detailed report on metaphors and shit like that. 

Nowadays it seems I'll watch a movie and be confused as to the simple things like who is the protagonist and antagonist.

For instance I saw in American Gangster I didn't know if was to be rooting for Russel Crowe or the suave Denzel Washington.  I mean the movie sets everything up to be rooting for Denzel because he loves his family and gives back to the community but he's also a drug dealer.  Then Russel Crowe is a Boy Scout cop who focuses way too much on work but is all for doing the right thing.  Crowe is trying to catch Washington and it's like 'who the hell am I pulling for?' 

Also I saw Knocked up again this weekend to which I had another bout of confusion.  So Paul Rudd's character continues to ditch the wife and kids for some band or something.  The wife continues to think Rudd is cheating on her.  She ends up finding out that he's playing fantasy baseball instead and only wanted some 'getting away time' instead. 

Wifey didn't like that one bit and threw a hissy fit.  Hot ass Katherine Hiegl then goes on to say that Rudd is an enormous ass and what he did was so unbelievably selfish.

Now I understand the whole lying part because he left the whole cheating suspicion wide open but wasn't it a good thing that he was playing nerdy fantasy baseball instead of banging some other woman? 

I also totally side with Rudd in that he couldn't actually tell his wife what he was doing because that would only start a huge argument. 

So the way I see it, it was good that he was taking some time for himself because that's what keeps him sane and not yelling at his wife.  In return I would like to think that he would allow her to have her time alone if she wanted it. 
What's wrong with that?  Why is that so unbelievably selfish? 

I guess I'm a little worried because that is exactly what I would be doing...I mean I would tell my bitch what is up of course, but I totally need and value my solitude.  The thing I'm worried about is that the movie just kind of assumed that it was a horrible thing to do and Paul Rudd was worth divorcing over.  To me he did a good thing because getting away from the family maintains his sanity and prevents their baby from having SIDS.

You make the call!

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