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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Peterson Revisited

Oh, my baby, when you're older
Maybe then you'll understand
You have angels that dance around you shoulders
'Cause at times in life you need a loving hand

I must first apologize for I was lost and now I have been found.  I have witnessed this Adrian Peterson in the flesh.  I have witnessed the goodness, the power, and the grace.  Nevermind this post from a couple weeks ago...

You all know I'm a Vikings fan and you all know I am biased towards all of Minnesota sports.

With that being said,


You'd think the guy was Jesus, or Brett Favre, or the 2000-'03 St. Louis Rams or all combined.  This whole damn week people have honestly compared the guy to LaDanian Tomlinson, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, and Eric Dickerson and I'm not exaggerating!  I pretty much had it when the Pioneer Press has "The Kid Who Saved the Vikings".

I know the 'kid' is leading the league in rushing and he looked really good against the Bears last week but let's drop the wiener and not get too caught up in things.  Lets wait until the guy plays--I dunno--ten games before we crown him as being the best back in the history of the NFL. 

Perhaps the Bears just aren't that good?  I mean a 2-4 Bears record doesn't exactly reflect greatness.

So if the guy posts 40 yards against the Cowboys let's not all kill ourselves.  Okay?

I now understand and agree with that whole 'peterson is awesome as hell' deal.

I have drank the kool-aid and now I take back everything I said.  Adrian Peterson is awesome.

Alright with that said,

Crap List

1. womam
Let us first take a look back and bask in the beauty of the first woman.  Olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes, a voice that makes me change my underwear, and her in that business suit...oh yeaaaah.  So when I first saw the beginning of a new ad I was leaning in my seat and anticipating the beauty of whatsherface when they showed this blond number who couldn't even carry whatsherface's panty. 
How could they do such a thing?  Do they actually think they can one-up the original woman?  As far as I'm concerned there is only about 5 women that could take her place.  Like if the esurance chick took over, I would not be upset at all.  I know she's a cartoon character but it's the imagination factor...and the voice.  The voice is so important.  Oooh, oooh or the woman in the Mercury commercials.


Anonymous said...

Berg, Why didn't you tell me that you knew Jerry Seinfeld?? Have you taken a look at Barry the Bee? I think you should see if you can get some royalties from it to pay for your car repairs. What's up ?hope all is well-let's do vegas next year.


Boof said...

how the hell do I get a hold of you? Your Iowa st email is no good.