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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Twins Hot Stove

People try to put us d-down (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Just because we get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation)

-I can't believe some Twins fans were surprised that the Twins didn't re sign Hunter. I find it even more surprising that those same people are shocked that they would trade Santana. I find it even more and more surprising that they're mad that Nathan is on the trading block.

Do you people even try to think ahead?

I mean when was it? Back in '95 when the Twins basically unloaded Tapani, Erickson, and Knoblauch. Then it happened again in 2003 with Cristian Guzman and AJ Pierzynski. So why is it so surprising that it's happening again?

I've got news for you. If Morneau continues to be the awesome hitter he was in '06 well then we probably wont be able to keep him. Same goes with Liriano. Don't act surprised! Please!

Hunter isn't even worth half of his paycheck (and yes I know the market is saying otherwise but screw the market). Hunter was a 5 hitter on the Twins which means he's almost a 7 hitter on a good team. I can't ever say that I went to a game to see Hunter because he seemed to be more disappointing than exciting just because he had little plate discipline. When you think of a guy like player like Arod, the highest paid player in baseball and someone like Jacque Jones Hunter seemed to be a lot closer to Jones than Arod. I don't think Hunter could ever take over games and be nearly as dominating as people think. I know he's been on plenty of highlight reels but so what.

We knew that Santana was going to be traded at some point last year. No way the Twins would seriously attempt to sign him long term deal and the whole idea of "hometown discount" is completely lost on me. If you mentioned 'hometown discount' to any agent they would probably have about 30 jokes starting out with "I got your hometown discount right here".

But look at it this way. Let me give you a potential line up and you tell me if you would've rather watched the Twins from '07 or '08


Jackoby Ellsbury
Delmon Young
Punto (hopefully a Nathan trade can fix this)


I think that might be fun to watch. I certainly don't think we'd be playoff bound but seeing as the average age of that team is 24 I think we might have something to grow on. I'm really doubting that the Sox would trade both Ellsbury and Bucholtz but for the sake of my imagination I'm going to just throw that in there. But good lord, Young and Ellsbury in a lineup with a good change of lefties and righties. Dang that's almost sexy!
Then you have the starting rotation with Clay Bucholtz, the guy who pitched the no-hitter in his 2nd major league start along with Baker who was showing some very strong signs of being a MLB pitcher. Boof needs a little time but has the stuff, Slowey will be decent in time and Liriano...woah. If Liriano is half of what he was last year the Twins could be in damn good shape for the future! 2010 would look great with these guys

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The Steph said...

Delmon Young will make you excited to go to the ballpark again...