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Monday, December 10, 2007

Anecdotes and Thoughts

And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be
All do is keep the beat and bad company

I must admit that I don't have much of a crap list but I do have a bit of a humorous 'naked Sunday' bit.

Sunday I came back from Buffalo Wild Wings to my roommate, BJ Guy, and the neighbors in the driveway all dressed up.  I got out of my car and asked them where they were headed being so nicely dressed.

"We have the community Christmas party.  We're going to cause some controversy."

Then my roommate had the idea for me to take a picture of everyone and I certainly didn't mind.  Everyone gets together in preparation for the picture as BJ Guy comes over to me and shows me how to work the camera.

BJ Guy:  Alright you basically just press this big button right here.

The thing is he didn't just leave for the picture at that point.  He was flipping through his previously taken photos for some reason.  Perhaps to see how much space he had?

So I saw that he had a couple pictures of the new floor they installed, the new entertainment center, some boating pictures, a picture of a woman sucking a johnson from the hot tub, a picture of BJ guy and his mom, and some goofy picture from Halloween.

BJ Guy passed over the BJ pic somewhat rapidly and blurted out "whoops".

Then after he rifled through those pictures he comes back to the BJ picture and says,

"Pretty cool huh?"  and this is happening as everyone is waiting for me to take their picture.  pfff haha

I can't help but to throw up and laugh pretty at this last episode of Naked Sunday.


The house hunting is going well and I can't say that it's the most comfortable process in the world.  I've looked at about 20 houses and there is one that I've been thinking about lately.  I've looked at it twice already and I think it could be something that I would enjoy living in.  I like the area, I like the neighborhood, the yard looked cool...when it wasn't covered in snow, a dry basement, a cool porch, a miniporch in the back, and two killer skylights in the attic.  What I really like about it is the unfinished attic.  I like what I could do to it and it's the kind of project that I've been craving for awhile.

I really like this place but I always like it more as I'm driving away and I don't know why.  Perhaps home buying is just so stressful that I'm just so focused on finding the flaws in a house that when I don't find anything wrong I get disappointed or uncomfortable.  Also 'the game' is something that I'm unfamiliar with too. I know as a buyer that I'm in a good position but I don't want to overstep things.  I mean I figure to give lowball offers to people simply because it's a buyers market and every other day the front page has a story about how the housing market sucks ass. 

Then my roommate gives me the advice that I should wait because the market is going to suck for the next year.  I don't know how much emphasis I should put on that because 1) she was really drunk at the time and 2) I'm not sure I completely agree with her.  I mean I understand and agree that the market is going to suck in the next year but any house that I buy, it's a guaranteed 2 year commitment based on the market and just based on owning a house.  If the market sucks now well it should pick up in a matter of a few years anyway thus making it a good time to buy.  Especially with the rates being as low as they are. 

I suppose I'll take another look with the help of some people this weekend and then figure things out from there.  If anyone is interested in looking at a house with me this weekend, let me know. 

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