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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baba Bits

What I wouldn't give for only one night
A little relief in sight
Or someday when times weren't so tight

-The real strange thing about this Vikings team is that they're winning against the crappy teams.  The typical viking curse does not call for beating the crappy teams.  In fact if the Vikings were to play the Patriots and then Dolphins the curse would call for a HUGE vikings win against the pats and probably the most excruciating loss ever to the Dolphins which would create tremendous heartbreak.

The Vikings curse needs 2 things

1. a realistic trust in the team

2.  a heart breaking loss

I don't think there's anyone with a realistic trust in the team.  Nationally it's the lack of talent.  Locally it's the vikings curse and armor that has built up over the years.  Somehow, someway this team will find a way to break our heart. 

'75 the pass interference that was never called.

'87 Darren Nelson at the goal line.

'93:  playoff game against NY--I vaguely remember this but I remember Cris Carter catching a ball at the Giants 20 and then fumbling it away with 30 seconds left in the game.

losing to the bears all those times.

'98 the unspeakable game

'01 forty one doughnut against Kerry Collins.  Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Robert Smith and not one garbage field goal.

Then there's 2003 when the Vikings beat the heavily favored Chiefs in week 16 but then lost to the ever suckable Cardinals in the last week of the year.  What was worse was that it allowed the Packers into the playoffs.

So that brings us to this week where the Vikes have a pretty big game against the Redskins.
With that being said lets look at the two rules for the Vikings curse
1.  A realistic trust in the team:  I don't think anyone has that.  Even now.
2.  A heart breaking loss:  A loss to the redskins wouldn't be heartbreaking but this team is unbelievable in that it finds the most ridiculous ways possible to create heartbreak.  Still, I can't see it. 
I don't think this team really has that traditional curse.  I don't think they're going to win it all but this team has a weird feeling about them.

-house hunting is still underway and I'm learning things everyday.  With the holidays coming I think I'm going to take a break from things.

This last Sunday I had my parents and Steph take a look at one house that caught my attention.  It was a decent house but I never had 'that feeling' about it and my parents were acting very weird about it. 

I'm finding out that my parents are giving out the best overall advice but every anecdote always ends with something so bizzare that it nearly knocks everything previously said into a questionable state.

For instance,

after viewing one home my parents were noticeably quiet.  As if they didn't want to piss me off quiet.  I asked them what the deal was because I wasn't mad and I wanted them to just tell me what they were thinking.  My dad went on to say that the house was good but.... and my mom agreed.  Then they told me about their first house and how they had no money with a kid (me!)

Then they started questioning the race of the neighborhood.  It was so innocent the way they asked but enough for a frown.

Then they gave showed me what they think I should be looking at for homes.  The two homes they drove by were frighteningly close to my place of work that I could literally look out my window and there's MMM looking right at me. 

Dad:  How about this place?
Boof:  I would never live here.  Please lets go home.

-Posting will be even more sporadic over the holidays because I'M GOING TO HOUSTON!!!!  Not that Houston itself is that cool but I'm going to be visiting a friend and going 'bowling' and it's going to be a warm 60 degrees (at least).  I can't wait.

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