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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's been a long time since the book of love,
I can't count the tears of a life with no love.

-I know, I know.  There was a major Led Zeppelin concert and I haven't even said one word about it.  I haven't even typed "led zeppelin" in months.  The concert was the biggest thing in music and I hadn't even said anything about it. 

To tell you the truth my love for Led Zeppelin is different from that of Pink Floyd.  With the Floyd I love how the music makes you think and imagine (even without drugs).  The  music is always stimulating and it's great to relax to.

Zeppelin is simply pure rock.  It's like I will listen to a couple albums, get revved up, and then leave it for a couple months.  It just happens naturally and the great part about it is that I keep "rediscovering" them.  I mean after a couple months of being zep-less I'll hear a song off the radio and it will be so exciting and fulfilling that the cycle will start again. 

In this respect the music of Zeppelin is probably better than Pink Floyd because that initial drum solo in Rock 'N Roll will literally get my heart pumping faster and make me....

okay, okay it's like sex.  Listening to Zeppelin is a lot like sex.  That's the best way I can say it. 

I'm a collector of concert DVD's and Zeppelin's "how the west was won" blows everything out of the water.

Zeppelin is my one big argument on why Vinyl is better than digital.  Zeppelin on a crackly record is phenomenal.  And you can't bring up Zeppelin on Vinyl without bringing up the awesome spinny wheel on Zeppelin III.

They played some audio from the recent concert on (Monday?) and it was so good that I nearly fainted.  I can't say that I'd do anything to see them in concert but I would probably feel that way about obtaining a bootleg of their show.

-Conversation online

Boof:  Would you like to see a movie sometime?
K:  maybe but what if I'm not what you expect.
Boof:  What do you mean?
K:  What if I weigh like 300 pounds?
Boof: Then I'd say you're not "about average"
K:  You're a prick!  Goodbye

-I've also neglected to talk about Vikings football.  It's a very weird vibe around the Twin Cities in regards to the Vikings.  I don't think anyone really thinks the Vikings are that good but I also think there's a little, "Wait for the dejecting loss" type attitude.  I don't know if they can keep this up but they're proving to be a very efficient football team. 

What would be really cool is if they had an outdoor stadium!  Let's imagine that Jesus comes down to earth and give Minneapolis a check for $900M and they get a stadium.  I think that would simply be bitching.  Especially if it snows.  There's nothing more peaceful than a slow snowfall.  You can't tell me that would be bad to be around.

-My friend from Houston called me to complain about how hot it was.  She had to use air conditioning even.  So I sent her some pictures of our winter wonderland

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