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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Friday Bits

And we go running on faith
all of our dreams would come true
And our world would be right
if love comes over me...and you


I haven't done bits for awhile so I figured I'll do them now.

-House hunting is going on strong.  I've become more and more comfortable with the process and I may be closing in on one-BUT I'm still looking for that one thing wrong with it.  I've determined the area to which I want to live, the amount of rooms, style, and topography of where I want to live. 

I haven't determined if a bathroom or outhouse is what I want though.

-I had a really nice father-son moment the other day.  My blinker went out on my car and I read up on how you change the blinker because for all I know you need to loosen the vibration belt and undo the thingy which drains the blinker fluid and purges the silicon binders for the other thingy.  After scratching my chin and looking at my car with the hood open I figured it out so I was on my way home.

My dad was shoveling the driveway when I took his truck out of the garage, parked it outside and backed my car into the garage.  My dad looked on quizzically but I was trying not to stop my dad because he always ends up taking over the job for me and then complains.

Boof trying to take out the alternator

Dad looking on:  you know you should do that first
Boof:  okay I just...need to.... do this bolt
Dad: you know it would be easier if you do it this way.
Boof:  Well, I'm doing it this way.
Dad: Why don't you use this socket
Boof:  alright I'll go get it.

Then I come back and my dad is elbow deep in my car.  Dammit!

This time I was trying to completely block him from this small job.  I started to loosen up the bolt when my dad stopped in.

Dad: What's wrong
Boof:  nothing....just got a bad blinker
Dad looking at my new blinkers then looking at my car: hmmm
Boof seeing this he intentionally stands between the car and him so he doesn't get fixed on it.
Dad:  what are you doing?
Boof:  I'm going to do this this time!  I want to learn!
Dad:  Okay, okay
I then took a couple bolts off and placed them on a piece of paper in the next room so I wouldn't lose them.  I came back and my dad had my headlight assembly already taken out.  He even took out the blinker compartment and was working on taking the blinker off.  I was a little annoyed but I was a little happy that we were working together so efficiently because whenever my dad is working around a call he always ends up yelling at me. 

We got the light in there, bolted up, and it worked like new in like 5 minutes.  I then went to go clean up and my dad ran upstairs.  I finished up and went upstairs to venison laid out on the counter.
Dad:  Go ahead and try some of that and tell me what you think.
Boof: I've tried venison before.  We pretty much grew up on it.
Dad:  well, go and try that anyway.

I tried it and it tasted like venison.  It was pretty good and when I told him that it was decent he ran downstairs and started throwing meat into a grocery bag. 
Dad:  I'm sending you this meat with you so you can have it. 

I figured the passing of meat was a good father/son moment as well.  I mean when my mom leaves the farm she always comes back with a grocery bag full of meat. 

It was a tender moment.

-Here's my interpretation on the MLB winter meetings.

Twins:  Alright everyone, if you want Santana I only want serious offers.
Yankees:  Okay I'll give you this golden piece of shit, this bronze POS, and another smaller POS for Santana
Red Sox:  I'll give you this POS with potential, this POS with less potential, and this POS who we simply want to get rid of.
Twins:  no, no, no  If you guys are serious I want "this", "this" and "this"

Yankees:  But those guys are good!  What the hell?  Why wont you just give him to us?
Twins:  Don't be pulling that NY shit on us.  We're not giving Santana away.
Yankees:  oh my god... pfff I guess you don't want to trade him then.  Whatever.  We're going to give you until Monday to trade with us.
Twins:  okay?  Alright Red Sox we need this, this, and this from you.
Redsox:  okay but what if we water down that request a bit... by a bit I mean a whole lot
Twins:  NO!
Redsox:  okay how bout we water it down a little bit?
Twins: No!
Red Sox:  sheesh pfff okay god, you don't need to be snippy

And deal.

Not that I blame Bill Smith too much because the offers he has been given have been kinda crappy.  I mean Phil Hughes is nice but we're talking about Johan Santana here.  The best left hander since Koufax!  He'd win 24 games a year with an average offense.

-I bought Eric Claptons Autobiography.  I just have to hear about how he had the balls to steal his best friends wife. 

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Anonymous said...

Father son moments are a good thing! You have to remember that your dad grew up in a era that cars could be easliy worked on..... before they car makers started making shit so you needed special wrenches/ tools and needing to do stuff like removing the engine to fix the radiator etc etc.
The Twins are going to screw up the ball team again! Bottom line is that the owner is going to get a new stadium while fielding a so-so team, and a few years after they are in the stadiium, he will sell and make billions on our money!