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Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to Reality Crap

Lately I've been talking in my sleep
Can imagine what I'd have to say
said my world would be right
if love comes back your way

Crap List

1.  Coming back to work after vacation

It was the winter of Boof...and now it's over.  Remember how awful Sunday nights would feel knowing that you have wake up for school the next day and how awful waking up to that alarm clock is?  I remember and sucks big fat fucking dick.
Oh this vacation was great.  I got to go to a warm climate.  I took in exactly 4 sporting events, one movie--one fucking stupid as hell/dumb ass movie--and I got to hang out with good friends nearly every day.  I had projects to keep me from thinking about certain people that I shouldn't be thinking of and I was genuinely happy most of the time.  I honestly felt soooo good that I nearly shed man tears and no, I didn't fall in love and Sara Evans didn't give me my tight leather pants porno fantasy. 

I just felt unrestrained and carefree.  There was a time when I was walking along the beautiful riverwalk in San Antonio when I thought to myself,
'Dang, I could really go for Sara Evans in some tight leather pants and I'm kinda hungry.  I wonder if there's a cheap place around here?'
Then I thought,
'Wait a minute, fuck the cheap place.  I'm in San Antonio and I'm on vacation god dammit.  I want steak and the most expensive steak in the joint and I want the pleasure of giving a ten dollar tip.'

I did just that and it felt so good.  If Sara Evans was in sight I would've probably sought out her size and went running to a leather pants place.  Ugh, and now it's gone. 

2.  Moving

I'm starting to wonder if the worst part about moving is the cleaning, the hard work, or the dealing with parents.  I'm beginning to think the latter because the comments and the bickering is too much to take.

"You have too much stuff."
"Why did you move?"
"Can I give this to the Goodwill?"

and it never ends.  It's bad enough I have to clean bathrooms and pack up but dealing with the 'rents and then having to move in is a complete pain in the ass. 
Now I still need to collect $100 from my previous landlord and suddenly she's not answering her phone.  Now while I've told plenty of stories about her and BJ Guy I've always affirmed that they were decent roommates.  If I don't get my $100 then I'm going to rip both of them like no one has ever seen.  To be continued

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Montana is cold too.... Let's go to Vegas sometime before we get too old.