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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boof's Packer History

Mountain gets steeper
The hole you dig gets deeper
You better stop and climb out

After that Packers loss I needed something to think about while I was on the john, so I thought about what led to my extreme dislike for the packers. I don't dislike the Packers because society tells me to, I dislike them because I feel a strong dislike for them. My mood changes slightly when I see that green and yellow--not in a 'woah he's going to set houses on fire' dislike but more of a 'god, damn Packers' dislike. Kind of like when I see an R Kelly song and I wonder how in the hell he's still popular with his terrible songs and his urinating on 14 year old girls deal.

But I thought about my past and--warning: this may be Earth shattering stuff, you may take a couple steps back from what you will see here--I wanted to find the exact point where I changed my ways.

First off some background info on me. My dad grew up in Sturgeon Bay which is north of Green Bay and half of my family are Packer fans. None of them are die-hard Packer fans but they do make it a point to watch them on gameday and I would say that I'm a bigger Vikings fan than they are Packers fan. My dad roots for the Packers AND Vikings which is completely wrong in itself so that should tell you all you should know about what kind of a fan he is. A couple years ago he heard "Griese" on the tv and said,

"Griese? He's gotta be like 60 years old by now!" After hearing that I moved out.

When I was young I certainly didn't hate the Packers at all. In fact, I wore a Packers winter hat to school.

I'll wait while that sinks in.

I'll say it again.

I wore, on my head, a Green Bay Packers winter hat to school when I was in Kindergarten and elementary in school. I did and I didn't care and I never got any crap for it either.
Then again, why would I get any crap? If someone wore a Arizona Cardinals cap anywhere nowadays, would they get any crap? Hell no because the Arizona Cardinals suck. So did the Packers in the late 80's and early 90's. Didn't the Packers go like 30 years without making the playoffs?

Anyway there was no ill will towards the Pack because they sucked. They were the crappy blue-collar crappy Wisconsin team.

I was young and wasn't alive when the Packers were good. They had Don Majkowski as a quarterback. haha "Magic Majkowski" as they said.

I even kinda wanted them to go to the Superbowl if and when the Vikings didn't have a chance. At that time there was no spoogefest for Brett Favre, the fans weren't completely obnoxious (at least not from what I remember), and they represented cold weather football in an upper midwest city.

The Packers then won the Superbowl and I was happy for them. That's when it all changed.

Suddenly these types of statements would be muttered by Packer fans,
-Best fans in the NFL
-Titletown USA
-God's team
-Who won the first two superbowls?

and suddenly it was as if Packer fans multiplied and got increasingly more annoying. I found myself thinking,
"You know, those fans are no different from any other fans."
"Titletown USA? They only won one damn Superbowl in the last 25 years. Minnesota has won more championships in 25 years."

And the dislike started from there. I actually rooted against the Packers the next year in the Superbowl just to shut those Packer fans up. The next couple of years I would look forward to "packer week" when the Vikings would play the Packers and really want the Vikings to win that particular game.

Then came '98.
Week 4 was one the best Vikings memories I had. The Packers had a 20-something game winning streak at Lambeau and I was hearing all about how impossible it was to win in 'fabled Lambeau Field'. Vikings kicked the ever living shit out of the Packers and I remember being a complete ass to my roommate in college. J was a Packer fan and I would constantly mutter Packer insults under my breath. After this game I simply stood in front of him, nodded my head with a cocky grin, and claped slow and strong claps. I still feel pretty good about that one moment and it was about an 11 on the cock scale but I was living it up.

I remember shortly after that when I was in Wisconson for something else I was wearing my Moss Jersey in some po-dunk gas station in Wisconsin. I forgot I had it on and as I was buying my candy the white trash looking woman behind the counter muttered,
"You got a lotta nerve coming in here wearing that jersey." I was actually a bit taken back by that.

Anyway 'yadda yadda yadda, wide right in '99' and I came back to my dormroom, disheveled, broken down, and head sunken. I opened up the door to my room and there was my roommate with a giant 'fuck you' grin on his face.
"So how was the game?" He asked. I was so pissed and I knew what karma was all about and how much I totally asked for it. Instead of wanting to kick his scrawny (and 'sconny) ass, I wanted the Packers to lose every game for the rest of eternity.

Then the comments like,

"Why would you not root for the Packers?"
"God I love the Green and Gold"
"Packers do things the right way"
"Look, he's like a little kid out there."
"He's having fun now."

Those drive me crazy because it's all stupid. FAVRE BLEW ANOTHER PLAYOFF GAME ON SUNDAY BUT STILL GETS A FREE PASS!?!? Remember that playoff game against the vikings where he underhanded a pass past the line of scrimmage to cost his team a first down? No one does because it was such a dumbass stupid patented Favre fuck-up of a play that no one can understand that Jesus Favre could screw the pooch. He does it every playoff game.

Wake up!

It's only when the Packers are good that I really start to really dislike that team. When they suck then, funny, the fans are hard to find and are very humble.

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