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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Giggity Giggity Superbowl

You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever,
But you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.

"Out of anyone in the league, there is no one that I want to beat more than you.  I would gladly lose every game if I knew I was going to win the two games I play against you."
This was said by Hog and I totally feel the same way about him when it comes to fantasy football.

This 2007/08 season my fantasy team, Giggity Giggity has had a decidedly forgettable year.  I ended with a 5-12 record and receivers that were older than cockroaches.  I lost to Hog twice this year and Sundays just weren't very much fun after last years miracle 2nd place season.  I think Bill Simmons actually said it best with this,

The Matthew Berry Award for "Most obvious 'Eff You!' to fantasy owners"
How 'bout Vincent Jackson and Maroney turning it on in the playoffs and becoming the fantasy forces everyone thought they would be in August? What's the over/under on fantasy owners who watched Jackson make his umpteenth big catch in the Pats game, listened to Phil Simms talk about what a weapon Jackson had become, then stood up and held both middle fingers toward their TV? I say 50,000.

Yeah guess who drafted Laurence Maroney 2nd?  Then try and take a stab at who drafted Vincent Jackson somewhat early?  Who's got two thumbs and sucks ass?  This guy!

The good thing is that I actually got to use these guys in the playoffs and in return, I've been blowing away the competition.  For a guy who could only win five games in the regular season, winning three in a row in the playoffs hasn't been all too bad. 

So I'm going to my fantasy league's superbowl facing non other than Hog's 'Goodfellas' team.  We're calling it Presidents Cup III (when it's actually like 14 or something).  Anyway, I'm feeling the pressure because suddenly we don't have pride on the line but pride and $100.  I could do a lot with a hundred bucks like paying someone to clean my car, or blowing it all on one hand of black jack, and maybe perhaps I could simply hold it up and brag to strangers at the mall until someone mugs me while I walk to the bathroom.

Goodfellas V Giggity Giggity Superbowl (?)

in the League of Extraordinary Poop championship. 

"The pee will be coming out of the dickhole!" 

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