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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm back!

Satisfied but lost in love
Situations change
You're never who you used to think you are
How strange

(tap, tap) Hello?  Anyone?


I have about ten posts worth of stuff and it's all good.  Well, at least it has the potential to be cool. 

I think I'll get into it all very slowly with this one entry just giving you a taste of what is going on.


-I cleaned
I spent about 3 days cleaning the hell out of my room and my bathroom.  My bathroom in particular was in horrible shape with soap stains everywhere and hard water stains galore.  I learned that I will never ever have sliding glass doors in my future bathroom because they are a total bitch. 
I did, once again, prove that cleaning your bathroom every week is bullshit and doing it all at once is the true way to go.  At least for guys.  I've proved that point twice already and I plan on proving it more in the future.

-I moved
Once I cleaned that son of a bitch bathroom I took my dried up hands and moved out of the place with BJ guy and my 50 year old roommate.  It wasn't exactly like the last episode of Growing Pains but I did get my $450 deposit back. 

-I moved in
with my parents for about 3 days.  I was already moved out and had a trip to Houston planned so I would've slept on the street but it was cold and the bottom bunk bed had an electric blanket so...I figured a couple days at home wouldn't be too bad
Wow, was I wrong about that.  My mom is so bored that she not only looks through my stuff but she chronicles it, analyzes it, and then gives me a report about how I should change things and how wrong things are. 

It brings the stress level to about a 11. 
Then you bring in the whole coming back home thing and a 28 year old, balding male sleeping in the bottom bed of a bunk bed in his parents house.  That right there is kinda depressing.

-The trip
I went to Houston to visit a friend and to get away from the cold for awhile.  It was awesome and it was worth every last penny.  I even got to see the Alamo Bowl which was one of the coolest things I have ever done.  I even got a free lanyard!

-The trip aftermath
Oh it sucks, it sucks, it sucks.  I WANNA GO BACK! 
Texas:  palm trees swaying (at least where I was at), warm 50 degrees, and just the overall tranquility of vacation.
Minnesota:  cold, dead, salt stained cars, parents, problems, and the thought of more moving. 

The first thing my dad said to me as I hopped in his truck was,
Dad:  Your TV is busted.
Mom: I went through all your stuff and now you should know where everything is.

I felt like crying right there.

-The new place
nice, cozy, and no Naked least not yet. 

I'll talk more about this later but for right now I'm just going to continue enjoying my vacation from work.

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