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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Inevitable Crap

Leaves were falling ..Just like embers
In colors red and gold they set us on fire
Burning just like a moonbeam our eyes

Crap List

1.  Superbowl XLII

It's probably going to happen.  The superbowl in which the big questions get answered.
-How big is Joe Buck's mouth?
-Can his mouth fit both Tom Brady and Brett Favre's penises at the same time?
-Can he really talk with both dicks in his mouth?

I'd rather not know any of those questions.  I'd rather Joe Buck or, for that matter, any other announcer could refrain from the nonsensical praises for either of these quarterbacks for one whole game.  Lets focus on cornerbacks and secondary for just one game.

Superbowl XLII is almost destined to be the Packers Vs. Patriots and the angles behind that potential superbowl are bound to be unbelievably ugly for anyone who is not a fan of the Patriots or Packers.  Hell, let's bring the Yankees in the fold or perhaps the Celtics while we're at it.  If we're going to go the full vomit worthy angles then we might as well go the full nine.  Bring in Tiger Woods and his dad, Kurt Warner's wife, and Jerry Jones in the sidelines.

Lets have Superbowl XLII be the most obnoxious bowl ever.  Halftime could be the skankwhores of Paris, Lindsey, and Britney and then take a train and blow it up in front of 2 billion people.  Get the lead singer of Ratt and have him bang the hell out of some transvestite at the 45 yard line.  Whatever, go Chargers and ugh, go Giants.

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