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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


You see the smile that's on my mouth
It's hiding the words that don't come out

The 2007 Fantasy football season was a very sobering year for team, Giggity Giggity.  I started the year sucking and I ended the year sucking.  I managed to win only 5 games and I was routinely being beat by my rivals (except T-bone) who I would used to brag to and cock off too.  This year it was them who was doing the bragging. 

Sunday afternoons were spent at Buffalo Wild Wings with me shaking my head and shaking my fist in the air.  Hog, my arch rival was living it up because not only was his team winning but more importantly my team was losing.  Just like Hog, I want to win and I would like nothing more than for him to lose, hopefully in heartbreaking fashion.  In our regular season matchups, he swept me leaving me downtrodden and broken.  Not only that, Giggity Giggity finished dead last in the League of Extraordinary Poop.  Fantasy football 2007 was a truly humbled experience for this fantasy football owner. 

Then came the playoffs and everything started turning around.  Suddenly I had all the right guys come alive and kick ass for me after a regular season of complete and utter crap.  I kicked the crap out of the Bionic Hippos, I then defeated the dreaded and annoying Cullen team 'The Fighting Caucasians', then it was onto Raymond's 'Bears' to which I soundly beat. 

Giggity Giggity was on a roll winning three in a row after finishing the regular season with 5 wins.

Now it was superbowl time.  Who was my opponent you may ask?  None other than Hog's 'Goodfellas'. 

Hog and I have played in some hardcore games in the past with last years game of $50 on the line (which I won) and with every game being dubbed "Presidents cup".  We want nothing more than the other team to lose and here we were in the League of Extraordinary Poop Superbowl. 

Hog was cocky at first and I came in with an exceptional lineup filled with backup patriot players and Tom Brady.

The game started and I was feeling good about having a lineup filled with Patriots like Brady, Moss, Welker, Maroney, and company.  Hog, meanwhile had the entire Giants team and it was basically Patriots Vs. Giants-Boof Vs. Hog

The first half ended with me feeling very uneasy and as it turns out we tied at 18.  I thought that was a definite bad sign.

2nd half-- Touchdown Moss (yes!), touchdown Plaxico (no!) and the Giants beat the Patriots. 

I very nervously waited for a "ha ha" phone call as I tallied up the scores.

Goodfellas 50
Giggity Giggity 59


which means I get a trophy for a year! 


SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!! Take that Hog!!!!

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