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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Looking Old Crap

I am guilty of something
I hope you never do because there is nothing
Sadder than losing .. yourself in love

Crap List

1.  How old do I look?

Me talking to a  40-50 year old dude at work
Billy:  So then I says to the kid, 'hey, I'll take a a small drink instead.' you know?
Boof: yeah, they can be stupid about it sometimes.
Billy:  I guess things just aren't the same since we were kids ya know?
Boof frowning:  uh yeah.

and then I get this sometimes.
R:  So now the high school kids get a week off before graduation.  I remember when you and I graduated--like in the late 70's early 80's--we never got any benefits.

What the hell?  I graduated in '98! 
I'm probably half the age of you and I know for a fact that they have kids that are older than me so what gives?  I guess it doesn't bug me too much but it's like any conversation with my mom.  I feel like saying,
"You know, I'm actually not even in my 30s yet.  I was still just a thought when you were dancing around to 'Funkytown'" 

It does make me wonder if I'm going to look 80 when I'm 40. 


2.  Reactionaries

It does seem a bit ridiculous that we have a 21 year old going to a bar, drinks to death, and the solution to the problem is to shut down that particular bar. 
Then when and illegal immigrant (say what you will) crashes into a school bus and suddenly we got to get rid of all the illegals.  I mean the assertion should be to ban all women drivers--kidding, kidding. 
Then kids go and shoot other classmates and they blame the music that they listen to.

Like Chris Rock says, why can't people just be fucking crazy?  I know it seems very lazy but why can't we ever just say, "shit happens" and not try to change laws and businesses just because someone didn't know when to say when.  Why can't we ever just make a note to ourselves to not run stop signs or pass on that 8th-three wise men. 

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