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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Candy '08

I get lost in alibis
Sadness can't prevail
Everybody knows strong love
Can't fail


Did everyone buy the discount candy on Monday?  You can find all sorts of Easter candy for 75% off including that really expensive looking stuff that kids in Edina get.  I bought me a couple bags of those evil Crunch Easter eggs which leaves a mess everywhere you eat with those annoying foil wrappers everywhere.  I was also going to buy M&M's but I just wasn't feeling M&M's this year.  I did stumble on this which completely puzzled me.



A chocolate cross!  Which suggests that lil' Billy and 'lil Britney are going to be running around the house munching on a chocolate cross during Easter.  I had to buy this just because it was so bizarre (and it was like 75 cents) and it begs the question,  'It's alright to pray using the cross but can you actually eat it?'.  I mean I know exactly how a little kid would eat it too, they would take a bite out of the one side of the cross (it looks bite sized), the other side, and then make note of the cool looking stick that is left.

"Take a bite outta Christ"  if you will.

Now to me a lot of Easter candy is really confusing the more I sit and ponder on it.  I've never been completely comfortable eating chocolate bunnies during Easter but not so much as to simply 'not eat them'.  I mean I there was a chocolate Dick Cheney bust perching in front of me, I wouldn't feel comfortable either but I'd still eat it.  For the record I would feel slightly more uncomfortable eating Dick Cheney in chocolate form than the Easter Bunny (because Dick Cheney is real...I think). Also perhaps Dick Cheney's head would be filled with marshmallows?  I've also had a bit of a phobia eating eggs too because I've always thought there might be a Peep in there.  And Peeps is another thing altogether.  How could anyone eat a cute little Peep?

Growing up I knew all too well how a burning cross was treated in the Catholic community but to me an edible one could be considered bad too.  I mean if you're going to make a cross out of chocolate why not go the full distance: make a Jesus out of white chocolate being crucified with candy corn nails.  To me it's pretty much the same thing.  Could an edible cross keep the evil spirits away?  Will I go to hell for eating a chocolate cross or would I go to hell for not buying a chocolate cross?

Or make a a necklace out of the chocolate cross and use it as an edible rosary.  Pray a little and enjoy a nice chocolate treat.  No fuss, no muss. 

I dunno, maybe I should just eat it.

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The Steph said...

How can anyone possibly be disturbed by eating Peeps???? It's marshmellow wrapped in sugar-coated goodness...